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Best Doughnut Ever Today - Fratelli's

Fratelli's Doughnuts - 360 N. Canon, Beverly Hills

Sampled about 10 with a friend. The quality is ridiculous. Very light and flavorful, top-notch ingrediants. Tons of flavors, best apple fritter ever per my friend who knows them. I just had glazed and cake doughnuts.

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  1. You tried 10?! Do they inform you as to how many calories are in each??

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    1. re: chica

      If he sampled them with a friend, it's only 5 donut's worth of calories. :)

      1. re: silleehillee

        Acutally the calculation is 10 donuts divided by 2 people minus the stress-relieving properties of eating donuts with friends = 1 donut per person.

      2. re: chica

        Are you calling me fat, chica?

        1. re: Adsvino

          haha! No. I'm simply amazed at your courage and capacity for trying 10 doughnuts. Unless I only took one bite out of each one, I would probably swoon from the caloric sugarload or get really tired of doughnuts real soon.

          Kudos to you though! :-) And at least it was worth every bite, right?

      3. What varieties did they have? Did they have any that were still warm? And, do you have an address or url?

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        1. re: David Kahn

          David - everything you will need to know.

          La Verbila reviewed them a few weeks back.

        2. A donut shop in beautiful downtown Beverly Hills? What are they, five dollars each? :-)

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          1. re: 2chez mike

            If I remember correctly, Virbila in the L.A.Times said they were a buck or two apiece. Is that correct? Is there a discount for a half-dozen or dozen? No prices on the website is usually not a good sign.

            1. re: nosh

              each donut is 1 dollar for a regular, and 1.50 for a twish or bar (aka maple bars, buttermilk bars, etc)

          2. I agree on the quality, etc. I am not a huge donut guy, but I was really impressed with the flavor, texture, and clean aftertaste. Even my 12 year old noticed that they were better than the usual thing. The cake crumb and cinnamon swirl were our faves.

            1. I went there last week and was really impressed as well. An interesting variety with both down-home and more gourmet varieties. The green apple fritter was perticularly good (very fresh and natural, while still indulgent), but liked everything I tried. And actually the prices were really resonable. Each doughnut was only about $1 each.

              1. I tried a few, and I liked pumpkin the most. The flavor just went really well with the cake doughnut. We also had a latte doughnut and gingerbread doughnut, but I just didn't find them flavorful enough. I liked that the glaze was an almost indecently sheer veil, but the flavor really needs to be stronger since it's not glopped on. Agree that the texture is excellent, though.

                1. Are the doughnuts warm?

                  1. And what style are they? Cake-style (a la Winchell's) or poof-style (a la Krispy Kreme)? or do they offer both?

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                    1. re: amandine

                      Both -- you'll see the link to the menu in a post above.

                    2. Looks good. Anyone tried the dulce de leche or the fig/hazelnut flavors? Any pictures?

                      1. I love Capybaras. They are so cute.

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                        1. re: yourownliz

                          Thank you. I hope you aren't considering this a food related post. Yikes!

                          1. re: Capybara

                            Ha. I realize that was random and this is a donut related post. I was just responding to your name. I can't imagine eating a gigantic half hamster/half g pig.
                            Capybaras mate underwater and are adorable.

                          2. re: yourownliz

                            For the unknowing among us, starting with me, I had to find out.
                            And yikes is appropriate!

                            1. re: yourownliz

                              Do they have semi-aquatic herbivorous animal flavored donuts there?

                              1. re: Muhlyssa

                                Eew. It's hard for me to imagine a restaurant serving rodents. But, I guess anything could taste good fried and glazed. I wonder if they'd fall under the $1.50 variety.

                            2. OK, I'm convinced to grab some B.H. donuts! But how is the coffee?

                              1. Have to say, that I went there with friends last week and was somewhat disappointed. We had ordered the pumpkin, the maple, the espresso and also the peanut butter and jelly filled. The quality was definitely higher than your average doughnut shop, but I can't say i was blown away by the flavors. We did enjoy the PB & J one the best. Very light and moist. The maple was ok as well as the other flavors. But I don't know if it was outstanding enough that I would actually go to BH just to have a doughnut.

                                1. So is Fratelli's the new Sprinkles? (for the next 15 minutes)
                                  Once a Pinkberry goes in, it's all over but the shouting.

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                                  1. re: Muhlyssa

                                    Somehow I doubt that Fratelli's is the new sprinkles - because - well, because donut places were here before gourmet and will be here if there is an after-gourmet.

                                    I have only been to Fratelli's once and I liked it a lot - especially the espresso donut - but I don't see myself making any special trips to BH to get these. But if I am heading to the BH Library anyway, etc., I would probably walk over and have a snack.

                                    Oh, and we had a cinnamon latte there and it was decent (not super) coffee, but shrouded by the overly-sweet cinnamon syrup.

                                  2. Well, I just returned from this place. What bums me out about this place is they fry their doughnuts in hydrogenated oil. You would think a place that's trying to be a little more gourmet would use something else.

                                    They don't have the capybara doughnuts, though.

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                                    1. re: Frank_Santa_Monica

                                      Now that is silly! Why fry in hydrogenated oil? Hydrogenation is done to make the oil solid and shelf stable. I guess the shelf stability is hat they were after, but it is cheaper, anyhow, to use high temperature liquid oil, since it has to be liquid for frying, anyhow.

                                      1. My question is... how does it compare to Donut Man?

                                        1. I just read all of these posts and was SHOCKED that there was not even one mention of the happiest place on earth, that make dreams come true.... oh yes, all in a beautifully crafted doughnut. STANS DOUGHNUTS!!! If you have not been here, do yourself a favor, plan a birthday or anniversary... just get there. Forbes wrote about it a while ago saying it was the best doughnut in the country. The PB & J has changed my life forever. It's made me want to be a better person. The PB & Chocolate or PB & Banana is great too. Blueberry fritter aint to shabby. It's a cute little shop right on the corner, across from the theaters in Westwood. Stan is still there very day serving them up. I usually get down on at least one knee when he enters the room. I have a favorite, PB & Cheese, trust me. Life altering. He doesn't make them any more, but if you request them a day in advance, he will make them. Sometimes I will do that on a friday and have a great Saturday morning treat. But then I fell obligated to buy at least a half dozen. So I'm out like 30 bucks. Well worth it. See you all there on Saturday. I'll be there with my two little red head kids, who love the sprinkles. HOLY CRAP STAN YOU RULE!!!!!

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                                          1. re: hungry dude

                                            I tried a dozen from Fratellis when they opened - and never went back!
                                            Stan is the man - I was there on Tuesday - love the blueberry buttermilk!
                                            I have known Stan since I was a kid running around Westwood - I love running into him still!

                                          2. not a fan of fritelli's. the first few bites are definitely good. but then the nasty old oil taste permeates your mouth and doesn't go away for hours. yuck.

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                                            1. Is Stans in Westwood equal to that of Stans in Thousand Oaks?

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                                              1. re: ReelMike84

                                                I drive past that Stan's every Saturday or so on my post hiking WF visits. it drives me nuts, cause I want to go in, wondering if it is the same as Westwood, but am trying to be so good.