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Dec 5, 2006 10:27 PM

Tribeca recs for dinner this holiday season

Meeting-up with some real good friends for our annual holiday dinner next, next Friday -we will be a group of 5/6 people in our 30's.

We were thinking of going to Blaue Gans (a personal favorite) which doesn't take reservations. But, some of my friends don't like to take chances.

Can you please recommend places that we can also go to that has good to great food that is not a dive and takes reservations?

Other places beyond,Danube and Nobu as I've already been there and not really interested on going back.

Budget: below 75 per person inclusive of drinks/wine
Cuisine: Preferably not Japanese


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  1. ...looking at Tribeca restos only. It's a hood that we do not end-up in a lot.

    1. I've never had a problem getting seated at BG, even on a Saturday night. Upstairs is great, but you'll probably have a harder time getting in there. You could also try Odeon (I haven't been but have heard good things), Landmarc, Petite Abeille, or Duane Park Cafe. Bread Tribeca is also pretty good, but service can be rude.

        1. I would second Landmarc. Nice room, great wine list, and a menu that can accomodate a variety of palates. Might be tough to get a reservation though. Or go earlyish, leave your cell #, and head up a few blocks to Vino Vino (West Broadway b/w Franklin and White) for a quartino while you wait for your table to be ready.

          1. Landmarc, Giorgione..