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Dec 5, 2006 10:00 PM

Triangulating for lunch: Waltham, Hopkinton and Logan

I'll be in Waltham for a business meeting Friday morning, and would like to meet a friend who works in Hopkinton for lunch before I race back to Logan. I'll be using taxis every step of the way, so I'm looking for a reasonable place to meet my friend that won't put me farther away from the airport, but won't kill his entire afternoon either. I was looking at the Newton area (seems to be a logical meeting place, near the Pike too), but I'm open to suggestions.


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  1. considering how far your friend has to drive just to get to waltham, i would stay there for lunch and not have him drive further away from hopkinton to newton. waltham is filled with ethnic restaurants.
    link for mex restnt great review.

    also Tempo on Moody St.

    and I personally was surprised and delighted by the quality of the food at Jake's BBQ on Moody St.(very cas saloon-type atmosphere

    ponzu, asian and other tapas- good reviews

      1. Ariadne in Newton does a lovely lunch and is perfectly situated for all in your party.