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Dec 5, 2006 09:46 PM

Company party for 20 adults, 10 kids in South Bay?

Can anyone recommend a good place for a company party of 20 adults and 10 kids down in the South Bay? The budget is about $50 per adult, half per child, so I guess it's about $1250. Our office is too small to accomodate so many people...

We are open to any place between Palo Alto and Cupertino. Although it is a Christmas/New Year's party, we are realistic enough to realize that it probably won't happen anywhere near that time, so maybe mid-January is when it's going to happen.

Thank you for your recommendations!!:)

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  1. For a large group with a limited budget I would suggest either Mexican or Chinese. Palo Alto Sol or Ming's in Palo Alto would probably fit your requirements. I think Buca di Beppo might be a good alternative also. I think they accept reservation for a large group.

    1. Chef Chu's in Los Altos has a private room that would hold 30. Chef Chu's has banquet menus in your price range.

      Chef Chu's is Chinese, they have a full bar.

      Parking can be tight, there is a second parking lot a short block south of the restaurant (towards the residential area).

      1. Dave and Busters? It used to be a decent place for family type events. Maybe too east for you???

        Buca di Beppo also if the kids are older....