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Dec 5, 2006 09:43 PM

Catering for group of 10 near John Wayne Airport in Orange County

I've been tasked with planning our company's holiday lunch. Is there any place good that caters/delivers and is between $100-$200 for a group of 10 people? The only requirement is that we have one vegetarian among us.

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  1. Panini (MacArthur and Birch)

    1. We had Taleo Mexican Grill deliver to us once for a company meeting. Pretty good, but the food is better when you eat it at the restaurant. Should fit into your budget as long as everyone doesn't order the filet mignon.

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        I just ate here with my co-workers, yesterday, for lunch. It wasn't bad at all. I split carnitas with my co-worker. It was great, but maybe a little too sweet. I will most likely choose Taleo to do our company shindig.