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Dec 5, 2006 09:41 PM

Christmas Brunch or Lunch. Views and ambiance or architecture over food.

Hi. I need a place on Dec 25th that will serve brunch / lunch to parties as large as 7-9 people. Also, we need a view or exceptional ambiance or architecture. We want to please a family member coming in to town and she only really cares about the wow/awe/views factor of the location, not so much the food served.

Any suggestions?

So far, I'm thinking McCormick's and Kuletos on North Point:

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  1. How about Sinbad's, by the Ferry Building? I seem to remember a nice view.

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      noooo!!! ok, the family member may only care about the view, but the food is soooo bad at Sinbads that I wouldn't take ANYONE there! On top of that, it is getting a bit, actually more than a bit, run down, with frayed carpets and a feeling like there are layers of grease on the walls, so I am not sure the ambiance really is what OP is looking for (unfortunately, hubby and I sometimes attend a function for a group that meets there monthly . When we do, we eat at one of the Ferry Building locations and just nurse a scotch and soda or something equally numbing while at Sinbad's.....)...

      In that general area, the Waterfront might be ok. And I like the Garden Court at the Palace suggestion. Definitely a wow factor, though no view.

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        Guess I haven't been there in awhile, thanks for the update on the interior. In my defense, OP did say they were looking for a view... :)

        Okay, how about this one? Equinox, at the Hyatt Regency. The slowly revolving 360 degree thing is not my cup (I get motion sickness easily) but friends have said the view is really nice. (I believe they only went for drinks, so can't comment on food.)

    2. Though it was on the Boston ... uh, Washington? ... board, there was a REAALY negative report about Thanksgiving at McCormicks. It seems the A team, if there is such a thing at this chain, took the holiday off and the service and food suffered more than usual.

      I'm not sure if there is a view, but the Americano in the Hotel Vitale should have a Christmas brunch that might have good food too. Give them a call and see if there is a view ... or maybe someone knows about the view.

      Another post mentioned the view at Cityscape and a satisfaction with the buffet.

      The Carnelian room ... ok food great view unless there is fog.

      The Fairmont usually does a buffet ... but it was SOOO long since I did that brunch I don't remember if a view was involved, but pretty hotel and so SF with the cable car running next door and the Cathedral across the street and the park filled with lights. The food, at that time, especially the appetizers were on the fussy side ... too many things in aspic for me.

      For sheer architecture and ok food there is the Garden Court.

      The Cliff House ... don't do it. Yeah, lots of ocean out there, but the room doesn't get very decorated for the holiday, the tables are uncomfortably close and the food was really bad when I went there just after they opened two years ago.

      1. Well, the view at McCormick & Kuleto is undeniably fabulous. Last time I was at Sinbad's it was for a group function and it was ghastly - the food was not good at all and the place looked so dingy and run down that it felt unclean. Not a good experience - of the two, McCormick & Kuleto hands down. Years ago we went to brunch at the Fairmont - the buffet has everything on earth and is pricey, but if that concept appeals, I'd check out the Ritz Carlton first. Their food is much better and the Ritz brunches I've been to (like in Pasadena) was fabulous - pricey, for sure, but an incredible selection. Don't know if they will have that type of set up on the 25th. The room at the Garden Court is beautiful - food only ok, but much better choice than the Cliff House, as noted above!

        1. For a good balance of elegance, view & service, try the Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental. We had a wonderful Easter brunch there last year, and the buffet spread was almost as impressive as the views.

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            We had an outstanding brunch there a number of months ago. My wife's mother was here during WWII and remembered the Top of the Mark and wanted to revisit it. We took her there for bruch and she was so happy, loved it. I would highly recommend it. Oh, it's not cheap.

          2. How about
            Butterfly - Embarcadero

            The Spinnaker-Sausalito,

            Chaya Brasserie- Embarcadero