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Your recent prepared food purchases?

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I normally don't buy anything frozen that's prepared. I like to cook, don't want to get fat,etc. But am REAL busy right now and certain things look so yummy in the frozen food section.

Recently had Stouffer's french bread pizza w/pepperoni and Morning Star mushroom lover's burgers. Both are sooo good.

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  1. Last week I was feeling a bit frazzled and bought fried chicken at the grocery store. It was a mistake. This was the chilled variety in the deli case and after heating was essentially flavorless. I occasionally buy the freshly fried but this was earlier in the day and I was going to have to reheat it anyway. Mistake. I think this stuff came in from their commissary.

    1. Celentano's eggplant rolettes, Amy's palak paneer, vegetable korma and mattar tofu. Easily understandable ingredients, fast and hot. I add a side salad and have them for lunch, so I don't have to cook a third meal.

      1. I love Amy's stuff, too... especially the veggie pot pie. Delicious, healthy stuff to keep on hand in case you're in a pinch!

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          Prepared foods are a slippery slope but we all get busy some times and it's good to know that there are good things out there. I second katiepie. Amy's is excellent, most specifically the frozen pizzas in a pinch, and the soups (southwestern veg) and the vegetarian chili is also tasty.

          Whole foods has some pretty good prepared foods as well. We like the wild mushroom and veggie quesadillas as a special treat.

        2. Stouffer's Spinach Souffle. LOVE. It was on deep discount. Amy's Cheese Enchiladas. So good. I also love Tombstone Pizza, but don't currently have any in the freezer. We do have Trader Joe's pizzas, though.

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            Ditto on the Stouffers. Brilliant stuff.

          2. My too busy to cook trick is

            Perdue Low Fat Baked Chicken Cutlets, a jar of San Marzano marinara sauce and part skim shredded mozzerella. Assemble and bake for 15 minutes

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              in 15 minutes I could cook any number of delicious things. no biggie, but I was asking about prepared foods.

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                i guess my interpretation of "prepared" meant food that really only needs to be reheated.....and my suggestion above is just that ... three prepared ingredients that just need to be put together and heated up.

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                  Seems like you mean more "packaged" than "prepared".

            2. Classico's black olive & mushroom sauce and any pasta.

              1. Boston Market Macaroni & Cheese

                1. Trader Joe's frozen har gow (the shrimp shu mai that accompany aren't ver good, but they come along).

                  1. President's Choice Butter Chicken sauce. Saute some chicken, add the sauce, simmer while the basmati rice cooks.

                    I usually avoid the pre-made stuff, but who has time to cook in December?

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                      Have you tried PATAK'S sauces, frod? They're imported from England and much, much better than the PC ones.

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                        Yeah - I like their curry pastes. Do they also have pre-made sauces?
                        I rarely get the 'heat and cook' stuff but when I do, the PC sauces are usually edible. As for frozen food - I never ever buy it. Lately, though...when I go grocery shopping when I'm hungry, I've been feeling like trying the frozen President's Choice calzones. Has anybody tried these?

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                          Yes, Patak's makes sauces as well. Beware the madras one if you're spice-shy. It's so darn good with beef, though. Have you had the PC naan with your Indian meals? It's also very good.

                          I have not tried the calzones yet but I have tried the new PC 'brownie cookie' and it is awesome!

                    2. Trader Joe's mini vegetarian quiches are in my freezer for emergencies

                      1. you might want to check the trader joe's thread; you will find a lot of prepared things on peo's shopp lists.

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                          tj's makes lemongrass chicken and coconut curry chicken egg-roll-type items that i love, especially with sweet chilli sauce (i like mae ploy) and some lettuce. also, tj's veggie samosas are a go-to dinner after a too long day.

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                            I cannot recommend against the TJ's "lemongrass chicken" strongly enough. Intensely sugary sweet without any other redeeming flavor. It made me want to swear off of all TJ's prepared foods entirely, but I had a chicken tamale today that was decent. I've been super busy lately, and prepared foods would certainly make life easier, but I don't have high hopes for finding things that are reasonably healthy and palatable.

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                              Second that anti-recommendation... It tasted like detergent to me... Eek.

                        2. I recently purchased a chicken lasagna from Trader Joe's in the refrig. area that was amazing.

                          1. We bought the TJ's chicken lasagne a few times (yes, we do cook for ourselves most of the time). It was really good the first time, then bland and not so great. I don't know if they changed it or I just got sick of it.

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                              I agree on the Chicken Lasagna being really bland... needed oodles of salt, ricotta, and parmesan.

                              That said, their Eggplant Parmesan (in fridge section), Chicken Shu Mai, Spanokopita, Bird's Nests, Chicken Fried Rice, Turkey Meatballs, Mushroom Risotto (fridge kind not the frozen bag kind)...

                              Knishes in the freezer section... Cohen's I think. Michael's Manicotti (black box), Campbells' Clam Chowder w/ a loaf of sourdough

                            2. This version had a bit of kick to the sauce and was super cheesy (in a good way ;-))with lots of ricotta and mozzarella.

                              1. "Smart Ones" Weight Watchers entree- fettucini alfredo with broccoli is the only frozen food I ever buy. It is really delicious, especially considering it is low cal!

                                1. Lean Cuisine has a product line called Spa Cuisine. The Lemongrass Chicken is very good:


                                  1. Wolfgang Puck Organic Soup-Organic Tortilla. I always have a couple cans in my pantry for a quick meal.

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                                      His soups are good, I especially like the clam chowder. I like it more than other canned clam chowders becuase he uses bacon.

                                      1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

                                        Thanks! Tracy L, I'll have to try the clam chowder.

                                    2. When I'm low on money and leftovers, I take Lean Gourmet dinners to work for lunch. They're pretty bland, but acceptable enough for lunch at work, I suppose, especially for less than $1 apiece. I get the shrimp scampi, cheeesy lasagna and four-cheese pizza ones.

                                      1. TJ's madras lentil. It comes in a foil packet that you empty into a container, heat and eat. 90 seconds to delicious Indian fare.

                                        We like to dress it up with some poached chicken pieces or some cooked shrimp, as well as extra curry and cumin.

                                        1. Raley's Sacratomato Bisque...yum, creamy with a spicy kick.

                                          1. Hve they discontinued those PC Brownie Cookies? I can't find them anywhere. Tried two different No Frills stores and a Loblaws this weekend but no dice!

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                                              my guess is that they're sold out for now. that's how freakin' good they are! still have them here in Quebec :)

                                              1. re: C70

                                                Well at least someone's enjoying them! I only got one bag. :(

                                                How long do they usually take to restock? I neeeeed them! If anyone in Toronto has a heads-up on any stores that have them, please let me know. I'm fiending over here!!

                                            2. Trader Joes Teriyaki Wings! So Gooood and so easy, its perfect for sunday games.

                                              1. Last nite we had a neighborhood potluck party. I bought some cocktail-sized meatballs at Trader Joe's, and a bottle of their teriyaki sauce. Heated the meatballs in the oven, and poured out a sparing amount of the sauce and added fresh garlic and ginger and cooked that a bit. Combined them (the meatballs needed help) and it was a success.

                                                1. For prepared foods, the Amy's line is almost always solid. I love the burritos when I need to make dinner for one in 90 seconds. Also, they have a good lasagna. don't know if everyone has a Super Target near them (there are a few in the S Florida area) but they have a grocery section too. ST has a nice selection of frozen prepared stuff - it's expensive but a definite time saver. We're big fans of the big bag of eggrolls that you bake in the oven. I believe the brand is Changs. I have considered putting them out as a hot app when in a pinch.

                                                  Also, I'm surprised we haven't talked about Whole Foods prepared section yet. They have any number of precooked yummy foods that you could take home and heat up. Also expensive. I like most of their salmons, the turkey burger, they have yummy curry rice, and their tuna salad with cranberries (havent seen it there lately, but they make it with tongol tuna - yum!)

                                                  1. a lasagne, is was a cheap brand but yummy.
                                                    some cold fried chicken because everyone told me how great it was.. omg i almost threw up.

                                                    1. I had a "Sesame Chicken Meal Kit" from Schwan's in my freezer. Saturday we were going to smoke some ribs, but forgot to thaw them until it was too late, so I busted out the "Sesame Chicken Meal Kit" and we had that. It has breaded chicken pieces, egg rolls, a sauce and some rice, all of which you heat up and then throw it all together at the end. I made some extra jasmine rice to go along with it, along with half a bag of Schwan's pot stickers. A little bit of Thai chili sauce and we were off and running! (I usually add a few chopped vegetables to the chicken & sauce, but you don't necessarily have to.)

                                                      I like their Polish sausage too, to keep on hand for those "please-don't-make-me-cook" nights that crop up every now and then.

                                                      1. Ajinomoto's Edamame Shumai are very good. I picked them up from Mitsuwa.

                                                        1. I bought some Amy's frozen burritos today - they're surprisingly tasty. I actually like most of that brand.

                                                          Otherwise, I buy frozen pizza (anything cheap and not too fatty); canned bean chili; and the occasional veggie burger.