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Dec 5, 2006 09:27 PM

wild spot shrimp/spot prawns from bc....have you seen them for sale in Toronto?

I was wondering if some fish stores in Toronto were carrying either frozen or thawed spot shrimp from BC.
Thanks for any suggestions...

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  1. there's some place in thornhill that i can't remember the name of. someone else on here can probably remember. if i can think of it i'll let you know.

    1. How about fresh? I saw some at T&T the other day

      1. Bill's lobster on Gerrard St often has live ones, at around $19 /lb.

        1. The thing with spot prawns is they are rarely worthwhile even in bc and even then they are iffy. They turn to pastey mush worse than any other seafood I have ever worked with. In Vancouver we would regularly send them back with the delivery guy if many were dead. I suggest insisting they are alive and kicking or try a non tank raised or line caught product instead...