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ISO Cold Noodles and Sesame Sauce

I'm looking for some place in Manhattan or Brooklyn that has the best cold noodles with sesame sauce. There use to be a place in Chinatown called Little Szechuan that had the best cold noodles but I believe they closed a couple years ago. Need a substitute to feed my cravings.

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  1. Both Wu Liang Ye & Szechuan Gourmet (both midtown) do it right. It's not that awful, leaden peanut buttery stuff most bad Chinese restaurants serve.

    Was Little Szechuan that place on Oliver or Henry Street? I think they closed a long time ago.


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      Yes it was located on Oliver Street. Very small with about 8 tables. They moved to a much larger space on East Broadway for a few years and then closed maybe 6 years ago (or maybe moved and I just don't know where).

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        I second Wu Liang Ye. Could use a plateful right now!

      2. Grand Sichuan (International Eastern Incorporated)
        1049 2nd Ave At 55 St
        (212) 355-5855

        Nice amount of heat, but not overly spiced.

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          I like Grand Sichuan @ 21 Saint Mark's, too. Probably the same owners. Not the usual peanut butter stuff. Nice & flavorful, a little bit spicy. Also try their cold cucumber with scallion sauce, if you're looking for tasty cold apps.

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            I will try it, the muck of too much peanut butter seems the current

        2. I love the noodles at The Greens in Brooklyn Heights ... flat green noodles with a great sauce. This a vegitarian/kosher Chinese restaurant. Another favorite here is Yin and Yang ... realy dense mushrooms in terrific sauce that tastes just like pork! Upstairs on Montague street.

          1. The MIE chain (if there are any left) makes very good ones. I had them all the time (along with the even better, atypical Dan Dan Noodles) at the late lamented place on 1st Ave. @ 13th St.

            The place on 7th Ave. between 54th and 55th, just south of the Carnegie Deli, also makes good ones. I often take them home for dinner. However, eat them quickly. If you keep them overnight, the vinegar predominates.

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              There's still a Mee on 9th Avenue. I sort of like their fake dan dan noodles--it reminds me a bit of a Chinese attempt at fettucine Bolognese.

              Are you talking about China Regency near Carnegie Deli? I don't know if I've had the noodles there, but the place is an abomination, and when I worked midtown coworkers always wanted to go there (the same people who always wanted to go to Carmine's).


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                Yes, it's China Regency. I agree that it's generally awful, but they make great sesame noodles. I work a few blocks away and bring them home for dinner about once every 3 weeks.

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                Mee at 53rd and 9th makes good sesame noodles. They're a bargain at $1.95

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                    As I told someone in a post for $5 eats, you can get a decent sized dish of sesame noodles-$1.95, Vegetable Hot and Sour soup w/Cellophane Noodles-$1.85 (pretty big bowl-delicious)and scallion pancakes (fairly crisp and dry-not sodden)$1.95. I call it the trinity. Completely filling for under $6

              3. Joe's Shanghai use to make a pretty good one with spinach noodles. Don't know if they still make it anymore.

                1. I've had them at Joe's in Flushing. They're not made with spinach noodles and I think they are just okay. If you get some hot oil on the side, that helps ratchet them up a notch.

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                    Oh I'm sorry you are right. I had them at Sung Dynasty on 48th or 49th on Lexington Avenue. But this was a long time ago. Maybe someone can give us an update.

                  2. Wu LIang Ye makes really good sesame noodles.

                    1. Noodles on 28th, which moved up a block to between 29-30th street on the opposite side of 3rd ave---has very good cold sesame noodles, and they are actually better warmed up---and their scallion pancakes are excellent.

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                        Tried the ones at Spicy and Tasty in Flushing, and they were excellent.

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                          Yes, in my opinion, far and away the best I've had. But aren't they in more of a chili than a sesame sauce? Or is that another dish?

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                            they have a sesame sauce but it's subtle..it's funny they taste exactly like an organic health store which had a prepared food section in Glen Cove years ago....except they add a bit of hot chili's to it...but they are good--and light tasting..not heavy and gloppy like other renditions.

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                              Are there any other places in Queens that serve good cold sesame noodles?

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                                Spicy and Tasty is in Queens, flushing.

                      2. Kevin Kong was the original owner and chef on Olover Street. He sold it and then bought it back and then moved to East Broadway. He was not a young man. Maybe he retired. I found a place online in Fair Haven, N.J. with a very similar menu: Little Szechuan
                        - littleszechuannj.com
                        2025 Old Trenton Road, Princeton Jct - (609) 443-5023

                        Kevin trained a lot of cooks. If you try them please let me know. I live in Hong Kong now. If i visit NY I would like to try them.

                        1. I'm also a huge fan of the noodles at Grand Sichuan on 55th and 2nd.
                          They are not overly creamy or overly spicy. Yum!

                          1. used to be a restaurant off of 14th Street on Irving place that had fabulous cold noodles! I am dating myself as I lived in the village int he late 70's and 80's. spicy light brown sauce, that was thin with lots of scallions (can't remember the rest), not that peanut buttery sauce. The place was packed with people all day and night! wish I could find them like that again somewhere...

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                              if you don't mind getting to College Point, Queens - you will be thrilled by the version at Little Pepper. excellent. and for Manhattan - you might give a go to Szechuan Gourmet on 39th btwn fifth/sixth av. both are beautifully spiced and nothing related to peanut butter.