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Dec 5, 2006 07:52 PM

Victor's Cafe

Has anyone eaten at Victor's Cafe in Midtown, near the theatre district? myself and a few friends are weekending in NYC and want to hit a fun/lively place with good food and drinks before the musical.
Any reviews, thoughts, are appreciated!

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  1. We took my aunt from out of town there pre-theater about a year ago. It was perfect. The service was good, the food certainly passable (not a culinary heaven that theater district) and the drinks were delish. She really enjoyed it!

    1. Food/ambience for a meal in the dining room, just so so. Sitting in bar and appetizers, nice and some yummy. Wish I could be more specific. The paella had barely anything in it, and rice a sticky mess. For drinks/appetizers, and would go back for that without a doubt. Wish I could remember what we ate at the bar..cerviche of some sort was one...a few other things. Will post if I remember. Bar isn't large, but seemed lively enough. Also, think they make some special drinks, although I don't recall what, I only had a glass of wine.

      1. i love the place, its old, its rock solid and the staff are great. more a safe bet for hearty food than exciting tho. great mojitos as you'd expect.

        other ideas tghat would be more fun would be the THALIA on 8th ave at 50th. it has a bit more of an open hopping bar area w/ the same older crowd. the RUSSIAN VODKA ROOM has flavored vodkas and app plates, its a real hoot. TINTOL is another for portugese/spanish tapas.

        1. IT's pretty decent place, can get real crowded when they have someone playing piano or whatever in back, food is solid (specials seemed like a good deal and very tasty) if not inspired and the service is very good at least it was last march which is the last time I was there.

          1. ...they have a rabo dish that is pretty solid!