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Dec 5, 2006 07:41 PM

Great place for lunch in Brooklyn Heights/Court St area?

I just started work in the Brooklyn Heights area so I'm unfamiliar with this place. I work near the court house, near Montague and Court Streets. I need to take a group of interns out for lunch. Would like a nice sit-down place, not too extravagant, but someplace that is nice with good food and not merely a delivery/take out place which I've noticed there are many of in the area. Any suggestions? Type of cuisine doesn't matter. Thank you!!!

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  1. Teresa's on Montague street has delicious Polish food.

    1. Heights Cafe on Hicks and Montague might fit the bill. It's not the greatest food in the world but makes a pretty good lunch. Sandwiches, pizzas, salads that are a couple of notches above the standard take out fare on Montague.

      I'd second Teresa's for less glossy cuisine that's still pretty good. Bear in mind that it's not just Polish food--there are plenty of diner-style options for those not craving goulash at 12:45.

      1. I know you said that you wanted something "sit-downy", but if you ever need pizza, Fascati's Pizza on Henry (btw Orange & Pineapple) is a fine little slice.

        1. Fountain Cafe on Atlantic (same block as Sahadi's) has good shawarma. Across the street, Yemen Cafe is really good, especially for lamb, and cheap, but the portions tend to be humongous.

          1. This thread is making me miss Montague Street Saloon.

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              Wah! Don't bring up the Saloon! I think I *just* got over the loss of their perfect burger on an english muffin and those incredibly dead-on fries.

              And the few times I strayed on the menu I was so pleasantly surprised! How could they have had trouble with the rent when Fishs Eddy can make ends meet??!