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Dec 5, 2006 07:37 PM

Help in New Orleans

I am going to New Orleans for the first time ever with my wife over the Christmas Holiday.

All I keep hearing is that this is one of the best cities to eat it, but I only have recommendations for a few restaurants.

I've been told we have to go to NOLA and Commander's Palace, but I'm looking for 1-2 other nice places to eat. They can be in that price range or a little less, as long as they are good.

As for breakfast or lunch during the week, any suggestions? Nothing fancy,just good food is fine with us.

We're staying right by the French Quarter (Ritz Carlton) so anywhere around that vacinity works.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Not a NOLA local, but have been visiting frequently for the last ten years, and looking forward to the next Jazz Fest (dates just announced). The misses and I have a our favorite places, but always commit to trying something new (to us). Current favorites include;

    Dick and Jenny's - New Favorite

    K-Pauls Kitchen - Always a must

    Cooter Browns - Oysters and Good Beer

    Galitoire's - Friday Lunch, might be passe for the locals, but we enjoy it, has become a tradition.

    Hope you have a great trip, and I'm sure the locals will chime in and help you out.


    1. I'm no huge fan of NOLA. If you're determined to stay in the French Quarter, add Bayona, Galatoire's, and K-Paul's to your list. If you are willing to expand to the CBD & Warehouse District, you might also enjoy Restaurant August, Cochon, Herbsaint, La Boca, La Cote Brasserie, Tommy's...For lunch, try RioMar (see recent post on "best lunch") or the Bon Ton, plus some of the other places I just listed also do lunch too. Read down this board a bit and you'll find lots of recs that are NOT NOLA or Commander's.

      1. I think Emeril's is better than Nola. Emeril's is very good.

        I just had a great lunch recently at the Gumbo Shop. The chicken/andouille gumbo was great. FYI - someone at our table did not like the seafood gumbo.

        Mother's is also ok for some cheap local food.

        Outside the french quarter - the following are outstanding:
        Dick & Jenny's
        Ye Old College Inn
        Jacques Imos

        1. oh yea - and i forgot to mention that the muffaletta (sp?) at central grocery in the quarter is amazing.

          1. Have lunch at Galatoire's for sure....ask for Richard......nice waiter. I love Bayona and Peristyle. The food is outstanding and both are in the Quarter. Bayona is a 5 minute walk from the Ritz. Peristyle is another 5 minutes away. Emeril's is one of the best restaurants in the city for food, service, atmosphere. Delmonico's just opened back up and Emeril runs it too. Go to the FQ Bar in the Ritz and listen to Jeremy Davenport and some nice jazz........Bon appetit.