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Dec 5, 2006 07:16 PM

Good experience at Little Sheep

Just a quick note on Little Sheep.

After having three amazing hotpot/ huoguo meals in Beijing (two Mongolian-style and one Sichuan-style), my GF and I have been looking forward to trying some of the options in the SGV. Based on recommendations on this board, we finally decided to try out Little Sheep. We went on Saturday afternoon, around 1:45, with my GF’s dad, a Mandarin speaker, in tow.

The place was mostly empty – surprising to me, but I guess my only real SGV experiences at that time of day are bustling dim sum places. The staff was really friendly and helpful, a marked contrast from MANY other places in the area. While some of the back-and-forth was in Chinese, much of the staff’s input was in English and was helpful-ish.

Although we didn’t really get a good sense of the contents of the various broths available, we did end up with the divided pot with one spicy side and one milder side, both with a lot of flavor. We didn’t order perfectly – some things just didn’t work for us (taro was too bland and my GF was not into the seafood dumplings), but we loved most of our items. We especially liked the frozen tofu, shrimp balls, the fish dumplings and the great scallion pancakes. That last item seemed like the perfect junk food to me – fatty, salt and hot! Yum.

Anyway, easy parking in the garage (we went to the Hilton Plaza location), friendly staff who tried hard to make the experience accessible to the non-Chinese speakers and very good food equals a hit. We were very happy. Not quite the food standard we had at Ding Ding Xiang in Beijing, but San Gabriel is much easier to get to from West LA! We will definitely return. Thanks to all who pointed us to this place.

Little Sheep
227 W. Valley Blvd.
3rd floor of the Hilton Plaza
San Gabriel

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  1. I haven't been to Little Sheep (not sure why the "fat" was dropped from its name, xiao fei yang) in SGV, but I had a similar experience at the branch in Kowloon... we had the same combo (one was fiery hot and one had 100 cloves of garlic floating in it).

    I'm told that most people do hotpot in the evening, so that could be why it wasn't so crowded.

    It was tasty, and accessible to a crappy Chinese-speaker even in Hong Kong, and I'm looking forward to going here.

    1. Little Sheep (I have only been to the Atlantic and Garvey location) is our favorite for hotpot. We have tried Monland, and it was much blander soups in comparison.

      We usually get the fatty lamb, beef, and fish, and the thick mushrooms, pea sprouts, and Napa cabbage. With a side order of dumplings in hot oil.

      MONTEREY PARK, CA 91754

      1. has anyone been to both the Atlantic Blvd and Hilton Plaza Little Sheeps? Any preference/differences?

        1. I've been meaning to try this place -- actually, we just went to China Islamic tonight instead. So is Little Sheep Mongolian hotpot or Sichuan?

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            They have both kinds available but it started life as a Mongolian hotpot place, started in Hohhot.