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Dec 5, 2006 07:15 PM

Staples center dining - Zucca?

Going to the Laker game on Friday - any suggestions for dinner beforehand - is Zucca good?

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  1. I have not been in a while, but I really enjoyed it last two times I was there. Search the boards - I believe russkar and a couple others chimed in as liking it relatively recently, despite some criticism on these boards.

    1. I pretty much concur with Mike Z. I was there about sometime within the past year and thought it fine -- not spectacular, but I place I'll return to. I know it attracted a lot of negative comment here originally, but some of the more recent reactions have been more positive.

      It's a dark wood and tablecloth environment. If I were heading to Staples this weekend, and only wanted to park once and walk, I think its where I'd go. (No doubt someone will chime in and remind me of better.)

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        found out its booked for a private party - any other suggestions?

      2. Zucca has changed Chef's again so I'm not sure what the food is like at present?
        Engine 28 or Roy's is good.

        1. Other choices nearby include Arnie Morton's, the Palm and Liberty Grill.

          1. Zucca is a solid choice.

            Might also consider LIBERTY GRILL (as New Trial suggested above). Great fried mac-n-cheese balls ... and the chili ain't bad either.