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Staples center dining - Zucca?

Going to the Laker game on Friday - any suggestions for dinner beforehand - is Zucca good?

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  1. I have not been in a while, but I really enjoyed it last two times I was there. Search the boards - I believe russkar and a couple others chimed in as liking it relatively recently, despite some criticism on these boards.

    1. I pretty much concur with Mike Z. I was there about sometime within the past year and thought it fine -- not spectacular, but I place I'll return to. I know it attracted a lot of negative comment here originally, but some of the more recent reactions have been more positive.

      It's a dark wood and tablecloth environment. If I were heading to Staples this weekend, and only wanted to park once and walk, I think its where I'd go. (No doubt someone will chime in and remind me of better.)

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        found out its booked for a private party - any other suggestions?

      2. Zucca has changed Chef's again so I'm not sure what the food is like at present?
        Engine 28 or Roy's is good.

        1. Other choices nearby include Arnie Morton's, the Palm and Liberty Grill.

          1. Zucca is a solid choice.

            Might also consider LIBERTY GRILL (as New Trial suggested above). Great fried mac-n-cheese balls ... and the chili ain't bad either.


            1. There's always the Pantry...now, excuse me while I run for cover as the inevitable war over the chow-worthiness of the Pantry ensues. Do a search on this board for the Pantry, and you'll find more opinions on it than you could ever want.

              Personally, my choice in the area for a sit-down dinner would be Roy's. I haven't been to Liberty Grill yet, though I might the next time I go to an event at the Paperclip. But I really like the food at Roy's, and the service is always professional. I know that they offer a shuttle service to the music center, and wouldn't be surprised if they have a shuttle to the Paperclip, although it's probably less than 10 mins. walking, depending on how much you drink.

              1. I've been to Zucca once and it was good but not too memorable. Roy's is really good and very friendly. Wherever you decide to eat, be sure to get to Staples early since the Auto Show is going on and it'll be more congested.

                1. what about blue velvet? i've heard good things about this new place.

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                    And what about the new J restaurant at 1119 S. Olive in the now ATT center, formerly the SBC or Transamerica center, depending on how far back you can remember.
                    But Zucca and Roy's are both quite good, yet not superb.
                    Engine Co. #28 is a bit far to park only once, and with both the auto show and activities at Disney Hall and the Music Center, all restaurants will be busy.

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                      I went to Blue Velvet before Barbra Streisand at Staples on 11/20, and it had JUST opened (that day?) - but was delicious and less than 1 mile away from the Center. Food was unusual and interesting (though specific dishes elude me right now)...highly recommend, and that's even before it probably knew what it was doing!

                    2. Zucca is great. I had lunch there today. Food is very good, service is excellent and the atmosphere is particularly warm right now with the Christmas decorations up. The Palm is a zoo before a Staples event. I haven't tried the Liberty Grill yet, but those mac-n-cheese balls sound interesting.

                      1. Of the four Italian places I've been to downtown (Ciao Trattoria, Tesoro, Zucca and another one whose name I forgot) Zucca gets my vote. I had the pumpkin ravioli and it was very good. My department of about 30 people will be having their holiday lunch there next week (I'll be out of town) so no doubt I'll get a lot of feedback on the place.

                        If I were going to Staples though, I'd probably get the Gigi salad at the Palm. One of my favorite salads in LA.

                        Haven't been to Roy's in LA yet but I loved the two or three I visited in Hawaii.

                        I think the Pantry is good only for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are terrible, in my opinion! But that's for a different thread...

                        1. eat inside and have a carved sandwich =P

                          1. If you can get a reservation for the 2nd siting, you can enjoy the buffet and get a table on the rim or the counter with a view. It is a great dining/watching experience. The food is very good and it makes the game really fun. Call in the AM to see if you are eligble to dine at the buffet.

                            The Palm is also a good pre-game local.