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Seafood shacks North of Boston

I am looking to go to seafood shack style restaurants in the Topsfield, Ipswich area. I have already been to the Clam Box and loved it, any others not to be missed. Thanks for the help!

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  1. You may want to check out past posts (there are SEVERAL on this topic). Noteworthy are Farnhams and Essex Seafood, in Essex and Agawam Diner just north of Topsfield.

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        The word on this board was that, when the ownership of Seawitch changed this past spring (?), the quality dived. Were it not for that, I would agree.

        Btw, the fried clams at Royal Roast Beef in East Boston (Orient Heights area) are highly esteemed.

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          I used to live in Wintrop and I loved the fried clams at Royal. Whenever I would mention this to people, they looked at me like I had two heads! Glad to hear that I'm not the only fan.

          1. re: Karl S

            That's too bad. I was there late spring, early summer so I must have been lucky.

          2. re: tallullah

            thanks, where would I find Seawitch?

          3. Yup, I really enjoyed the clams at Royal last summer, the best I've had in the Boston area (I would avoid their lobster roll, though). I was underwhelmed by Agawam's clams. The fry job was excellent but the clams themselves were small and not very sweet or tasty. Clam Box and Essex Seafood are my two favorites - always consistent and worth the trip.

            1. Not a clam shack, but the Village Restaurant in Essex has excellent seafood and you'll be eating with the locals to boot.

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                The Village has excellent seafood, but the atmosphere does make you feel like you should have your grandmother in the vinyl booth next to you. That's kind of comforting, but not so clam shackish.

              2. With all due respect, the Agawam and the Royal mentioned above are good seafod options but could hardly be categorized as "clam shacks" either. My Grandma eats with me on the pub-side with the Harley Boys :-)

                1. Farnham's in Essex is hands down the best place for a fried clam fix. Their lobster rolls are about the best on the north shore.

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                    The only thing I could never stomach at Farnham's was their Miracle Whip-based tartar sauce. Haven't gone there for about 5 years simply for this reason. Still the same???

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                      I'm fairly averse to Miracle Whip and haven't noticed it in their tartar sauce, but can't say for sure.

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                      Farnham's is almost certainly closed until March. The Clam Box closes this Sunday until February 15.

                    3. I also tried Farnham's this summer and didn't like their fisherman's platter. I won't be back. I should have went to the Clam Box instead.