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Dec 5, 2006 06:51 PM

South Bay Equivalent of East Bay Favorites

Sorry for the long absence, everyone! I've had a number of big changes in my life and to make a long story short, I am moving to the South Bay!

Although I am looking forward to the proximity to all the wonderful Asian food, I will miss my East Bay staple of non-Asian foods very much, namely Luka's Taproom, Pearl for oysters, Oliveto (both upstairs and downstairs).

Can you help me think of South Bay equivalents for these three spots...?

Is Lure in San Mateo an Pearl-like spot? Is there anything like Luka's? Or really good Italian (and I don't mean Italian-American)?

Anywhere within a 30 min radius of San Jose/Santa Clara would be great.


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  1. For upscale, Manresa is the place to go in Los Gatos.

    1. Yamada3. Sorry, but there's no place in the south bay like Oliveto. I just suck it up and make the drive. Actually, not many places in the south bay to replace your east bay cravings. Below are a couple of unique south bay spots though:

      Back-a-Yard for jerked chicken and pork. Try the corn festivals.

      For carnitas, lengua, al pastor, chile verde (pork chunks in green sauce) and chile colorado (beef chunks in red sauce), handmade pupusas, etc. try Taqueria La Bamba in Mountain View

      This isn't going to help with your search for italian but, give Tomi Sushi by the Mitsuwa shopping center a try. The grilled miso beef tongue was awesome and the grilled sake ochazuke was excellent.

      For high end, of course, Manresa and Kaygetsu. The tai chazuke at Kaygetsu is excellent and the nigiri, while pricy, is also very good (fresh wasabi). The kaiseki is good to have once but then it's fun to do your own.

      Let me know if you find any Oliveto-esque places...