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Dec 5, 2006 06:44 PM

Dehydrated strawberries - how to use?

Went a little nuts at Trader Joe's this weekend with the dehydrated unsweetened strawberries. Other than replicating those dried berry breakfast cereals by adding them to plain cornflakes and granola, and stuffing them into my mouth handfuls at a time... what else can I do with these guys?

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  1. Make a winter-version of strawberry shortcake?.. I always miss strawberries in winter. Could add a little mint for festive holiday color.

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    1. re: jbeaux

      Would I have to soak the berries first? Won't they burn to a crisp?

    2. Well, I've never tried this before, so I couldn't say with certainty, but I was just thinking you could cook the berries down in a little butter, fragolo (strawberry liqueur), and sugar, and pour everything over shortcake and some hand-whipped cream.. maybe I'll try it out and let you know.

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        I had been thinking of adding them to my "Italian Rugelach" cookies as I use just strawberry jam inside, maybe I'll soak them first in Amaretto now that I think of it.

      2. Those are really intended for snacking, they're not going to be a suitable recipe ingredient. Put them in cereal, put them in yogurt or just eat them out of hand!

        1. CLio (Boston) does a strawberry-lychee martini with dehydrated strawberries, lychee fruit/juice, vodka, mint (I think)

          1. I like to add them to scones and muffins.

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              That's what I do, too.

              I sometimes add them to oatmeal, fruit crumbles, and salads.