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Dec 5, 2006 06:34 PM

Lobster for the Frugal Chowhound in SF? (The Impossible Dream?)

I want to eat lobster. It has to be fresh, but it doesn't have to be pretty. And it certainly doesn't have to be served in an upscale restaurant. And with due respect to rw orange, that includes, for exclusion, the $18.00 lobster roll at Woodhouse. I'd even be happy to painlessly euthanize and steam Mr. Pinchy at home myself!

So, what are my options in SF? What are the best prices and where are they to be found?


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  1. Perry's, downtown on Sutter Street, has Lobster Madness nite every Wednesday. For $22, you get a 1 1/2lb. lobster dinner that is not bad at all. They claim the lobsters are fresh.

    1. Or you can go to Sun Fat on Mission or any of the fish markets on Clement and buy yourself your own and take it home and steam it and serve it with a big ass baked potatoe and some corn succatash.
      (this is what me and my girlfriends do once a month) 4 large lobsters (1-1/2pound) usually run us between 50 and 60 bucks (tops)
      Make sure you specify that they pull out the lively ones. And be careful, it they look super big but don't weigh all that much, then that means they have just molted, so while the meat will be very sweet, you will feel somewhat gypped, cause they meat won't be filling the shell.
      average prices i have seen: between 7.99 and 9.99 a pound.

      1. I live in the Boston area and have on many occasions sent live lobsters by mail to recipients in California and Colorado. I send them by Legal Seafoods, a local purveyor of seafood that has many restaurants here and in DC. Try them online. Not cheap but very reputable- they also have great chowder, bluefish pate and other good things.

        1. No need to fly lobsters (and pay the cost of shipping), just go to the New England Lobster Company and buy them live. We've always had very very good lobster from them. They're just north of SFO, CASH ONLY, call to check hours that they're open.

          170 Mitchell Ave.
          South San Francisco,CA
          Phone: (650) 873-9000

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