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Dec 5, 2006 05:59 PM

A GOOD sit-down Chinese restaurant in or near South Bergen

Hello... I tried this once before (very little luck)...


There are sooo many hole in the wall Chinese restaurants and the food is sooo bad.


I’m looking for a GREAT sit-down (nice atmosphere) Chinese style restaurant (not a Japanese steak house)...

Does anyone remember The Jade Fountain? So places like that... Here are a couple of places I know of...

LEES (in Lyndhurst)
The New China Inn (in Rutherford... but the service is going down)


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  1. John's Shanghai on River Road in Edgewater. Don't miss out on the Steamed Juice Pork Buns.

    1. We definitely remember The Jade. We would suggest the following.


      Hunan Garden Restaurant
      33 Ridge Rd
      Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

      (201) 939-4567

      It's a store front type restaurant and the food is very good.


      China Garden Restaurant
      306 Main Ave
      Clifton, NJ 07014

      (973) 773-7633

      This is a regular restaurant place and most nights the food is terrific, but, occassionally just so-so, but, still much better than most Chinese rest that are around.

      I have heard good things(but have not yet gotten there) about

      Tina Louise
      403 Hackensack St
      Carlstadt, NJ 07072

      (201) 933-7133

      Here is someone else review of Tina Louise:

      1. Thanks...

        Hunan Garden Restaurant and China Garden Restaurant is so so for me... I tried them both but eh.

        I'll try Tina Louise.


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          Also consider Pettie SooChow in Cliffside Park.
          The atmosphere is good., the service is warm and the food is excellent. Check out this thread:


        2. Tina Louise in Carlstadt NJ is AMAZING! They are super creative. The Shanghai Dumpling Soup and Flat noodles were what I tried. The restaurant is tiny but YUMMY. Wish I lived closer so I could try everything.

          They also own/operate afew other restaurants.

          Want to try Taos Wok 356 Paterson Ave East Rutherford NJ