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Dec 5, 2006 05:57 PM

Kids are gone! Time for new cookware

We're just keep the knives and cast iron. I think Saveur had a recommendation of a $50 replacement dutch oven instead of the $250 La Creuset. What do we do about the rest ?

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  1. What do you need? I always suggest buying pieces as you need them, rather than a set that might or might not get used.

    1. I agree, we have a number of different pieces from LC, to cast iron, to All-Clad, Analon, just depends on the need and the pot/pan. Very happy with how all of them perform. I think sets are a waste of money and space. Buy a 10" or 12" cast iron skillet to fry in, a 12" or so All-Clad stainless saute pan, an LC 6 or 7 qt. dutch oven and you'll be well on your way. Oh, you'll probably need a 2qt or 3 qt. saucepan also. Take you time.

      1. I think we are set with the cast iron and the dutch oven. What makes of saucpans do you suggest ?