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Dec 5, 2006 05:44 PM

Any recent experiences at Garcon?

Haven't heard much about this place and it's being considered for a weeknight dinner. Anyone been recently?

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  1. We were there about 3 weeks ago for the first time. Lots of fun, lots of energy, staff is very French, except for the hostess who had a sour look on her face for the entire time we were there.

    Food was good, not great. Salads were very good but over dressed. I had the frisee with lardons and the portion was big but too much mustard dressing. My wife had the beet salad and again too much dressing. Next time we eat there we'll ask them to go lightly.

    My wife had the mussels as a main. Good enough but she thought it was a one flavor dish - got boring after a while.

    I ate the Petit Sale and oh boy was it good. I love this kind of bistro dish. It's served in a cast iron skillet. The bottom of the skillet is a layer of lentils with the meats sitting on top. The prok butt was good, the sausage ok, and the foie gras was a very nice added dimension. the skillet was clean when they took it away from me.

    Skip desert. We each had something an our impression was that they bought the deserts elsewhere - and weren't very special.

    The wine list seemed on the expensive side, I ordered a 2001 Morgon for $48, it was a very good wine but that's costly.

    Salads seemed big enough to split between two people - do that and skip desert and the price would be pretty resonable.

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      I was there a few months ago and had a similar impression. Good enough for a weeknight meal if you're in the area and want to try something new. Not great, though (Chapeau and Jeanty are better, for example).

      I can't remember everything that we ate, but there are a few things I recall. An endive/apple salad was excellent, and the scallop & morel dish, goat cheese terrine, and salmon tart were also very good. The tagliatelle gratin was tasty but it was difficult to fully enjoy as it was difficult to get a bite of the crunchy cheese grain topping with each bite of noodles. The tartiflette forestiere was a total dud, just a little bowl of uninteresting mush.

      1. re: nja

        Have to admit the Garcon reviews haven't appealed to me. So would you choose La Provence or Bistro 1689 instead? Having finally mined the La Ciccia menu to my satisfaction, I'd like to try one of the "newer" local French places.

        1. re: bernalgirl

          I've had a drink at Garcon, though I haven't eaten there, and I haven't been to La Provence (though I really should go), but I can tell you that the atmosphere at Bistro 1689 is nicer than at Garcon. The tables at Garcon are very closely spaced; so unless you are really nostalgic for that aspect of a Paris Bistro....

          If I were to eat at Garcon, I'd eat at the bar. More room between chairs, nice bartenders.

    2. Not recently in the restaurant, but we had their mussel dish at the Ritz Inside the Kitchen event last month, and it was phenomenal. Garlic, parsley, butter, bread cubes, and wine all melded together with v.v. fresh mussels for a standout dish (among many stars that night). Makes me want to go back.

      1. I've eaten there once for lunch and once for dinner and was really unimpressed. The food was just okay. The service we had at lunch was terrible (French waitress) and at dinner (waiter) was fair. I say don't waste your money. We liked the food at La Provence (on Guerrero) much better.

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        1. re: Atomica

          We ate at La Provence and thought the food was sad, the service uncaring, and the place cold and dead. We were there on a weeknight and the place was empty. We'll not go back to La Provence while Garcon will get another visit.

          So much depends on what you expect and the energy in the restaurant the particular night you're there.

          1. re: sharff

            We had some very creative and tasty food at La Provence, but yes, the place was empty and we've only been once so far. As for service, they were very nice to us. I don't know what your second statement implies, but when we had lunch at Garcon, it wasn't busy and they plopped us down only to forget us. After trying to get someone to notice us for quite a while, the inept waitress finally came over. They served us, but were unhelpful the rest of the time. Having to beg for water refills is one of my biggest peeves. I found Garcon's food on more than one occasion to be mediocre. I really could sense that they just don't care.

            1. re: sharff

              I went to La Provence with a group of 6 with a 9pm reservation on a Friday. The place was packed and the table that was reserved for us did not leave until 10pm or so, but the host was apologetic and gracious. Nevertheless, I too was underwhelmed by the food. I had a goat cheese appetizer that was probably the best dish of the evening.