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Dec 5, 2006 05:29 PM

Dinenr with a group in Catonsville

any suggestions?

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  1. How big of a group? What kind of cuisine? Any picky eaters? What night of the week? How much are you willing to spend per person?

    1. not sure how big of a group 6-12-ish. any type of cuisine is okay. dont want something too expensive but willing to spend on decent eats.

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        Unfortunately, there aren't too many nicer restaurants in the Catonsville area to recommend. I definately recommend that you avoid the Candle Light Inn, however. If the crowd is adventurous you can do ok in Catonsville. Pho #1, just inside the beltway on route 40, is pretty good for Vietnamese dishes (despite the name, this place isn't really Pho-centric) in a nice-enough setting. If setting is not important, and you are with a very adventurous crowd I'd recommend the BeSeTo food court where you can get several types of Korean food. If the crowd isn't as adventurous, I'd stick with classic Baltimore cuisine at Jennings on Frederick Rd. or Greek/American at Dimitri's. I think these are probably your best bets for good eats with a group.

      2. Yeah, I'm a C-ville native. Pretty houses. Terrible restaurants; the same older gentleman owns much of the real estate in the small downtown area and apparently thinks people in C-ville prefer dining at Friendly's. Bleck. It makes me really annoyed-- can't even get a good cup of coffee. I might head down to Ellicott City, just down Frederick Road (couple of miles-- you'll pass the dreaded Candle Light Inn). It's a beautiful old mill town with a few decent restaurants. Sidestreets is fine. Tiber River Tavern is supposed to be good. Jordan's is a steakhouse and Tersiguels is a very good French restaurant, fairly upscale.

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          I tend to agree with everything that you said, except that Sidestreets is no more.

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            Blue Point Grill on Route 40 is only five minutes from Main Street Ellicott City and has excellent food, unless price is no obstacle, then go with Tersiguel's for its ambience.

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              We went to Blue Point once and was unimpressed. It wasn't exactly bad, but it wasn't good either. The worst part of the experience was the blasting music from the bar competing with the dining room music, and the pervasive odor of stale cigarette smoke throughout the whole place, even the dining rooms.

              Dmitri's is probably the best choice in Catonsville. It's not spectacular, but they've got the best fries around. I was annoyed when I ordered a Tom Collins. The waitress apologized for it taking so long, but the bartender had never heard of one. It wasn't a particularly good one, which I suppose I understand if he had no idea how to make one.

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                I have heard good things about Matthews 1600. I remember when it was the Wharfside it was a bit of a dive ambience-wise but IMO had quite decent seafood. Hopefully, they upgraded the ambience and still serve good chow.

          2. Oh, and yes, Jennings is an experience. It is definitely a local dive (but a nice one).

            1. I've had decent pub food at Bare Bones on Rt. 40, not exactly Catonsville, but close enough?