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Dec 5, 2006 05:27 PM

Lunch between 59 and 42 on the east side, preferably between lex and 5th

I'm trying to generate a list to expand my lunch options. All cuisine and price points welcome.

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  1. Since I work within that area of Manhattan and often have to make lunch reservations, I use to find places based on location, cuisine and price. Some of the swankier places that leap to mind are:

    Lever House
    The Modern
    Estiatorio Milos

    For the more budget-conscious:

    You can also use something like to search based on your zip code and peruse the delivery menus.

    Good luck!

    1. Slightly outside your boundaries, but on 41st and Madison is Cafe Zaiya which is a super budget friendly cafeteria style Japanese place. It's great! There are lots of different options such as rice bowls with marinated beef or tofu, bento boxes, sushi, tossed salad bar, noodles to order, hot food and best of all, a Beard Papa!

      1. I used to work over there also. Tao has a nice $20 lunch. David Burke at Bloomingdales. Cafe Fonduta on 57th for create your own pasta. Prime Burger.