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Dec 5, 2006 05:06 PM

Cooking Class in Naples/Fort Myers

Just wondering if any cool local restaurants in the Naples/Fort Myers, Florida area offer cooking classes? Or are there any other places to take a fun, low key cooking class?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Yes! The Good Life in Naples is a Chef Store with a dedicated cooking class schedule. Low key, fun and always a blast! They even throw in unlimited wine! Wahooo!

      Good Life
      1100 Packer St, Key West, FL 33040

      1. At Naples Tomato, a group of 8-10 diners can make pasta with a pasta chef and have the pasta for dinner! Dinner includes pasta class, pasta chef, antipasto, two pasta courses and a dessert platter. They offer both a $35 and $50 per person menu, 8 person minimum, 10 person maximum.

        1. The original comment has been removed