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Dec 5, 2006 05:02 PM

Restaurant for Celebrating in Des Moines?!?

My family and a few friends are gathering in Des Moines this weekend to help celebrate my 30th birthday!

None of the party-goers live in Des Moines so I am looking for suggestions.

Here are the things we are looking for:

1) Not too pricey (e.g. looking for less than 15 for most entrees)
2) Able to accomodate a party of 12
3) A place that has interesting food that would please both a meat and potatoes appetite and more gourmet ones as well.
4) Ideally not a chain and someplace that has a laid back yet interesting atmosphere.

Come on Iowans -- I know you can help me out. :)

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  1. A couple of thoughts without knowing your preferences. I'm sure other locals will chime in.

    You might try Centro. Downtown Des Moines in a nice renovated building. A range of items but take a look at the menu.

    For the meat and potatoes folks the beef is excellent.

    Another thought in a little lower price range would be the Latin King, a long time staple from the Des Moines Italian community. For the beef lovers, steak de burgo a must and for others the chicken spiedini.

    One other thought outside of Des Moines proper. Cosi Cucina, a suburban restaurant with a wood fired grill serving Italian inspired but plenty of other choices.

    Finally you might do a search on this site of posts from "bobfrmia". We agree on many things and it will also get you to a number of local postings. Let's us know where you went and your thoughts. Happy Celebration!

    1. Where did you end up eating? I think the Latin King is a good suggestion for the kind of gathering you were hosting.