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Dec 5, 2006 04:57 PM

Know Fat!????

Out walking around at lunch and noticed some franchise looking place (high quality sign tipoff) about to open at Landmark Center called "Know Fat! A Lifestyle Grille". Never heard of it before and I don't know what a "Lifestyle Grille" means.

Looks like a yuppie lo-cal low fat no taste type place that I'll avoid unless the CH'ers can go to bat for it.

Any rec.'s?

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    "Nutritional information for each menu item - including calories, fat grams, carbohydrate grams, and protein grams - is accurate, accessible and clearly listed on the menu and on your receipt"


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    1. re: DavisSquare

      I work downtown and eat here periodically.

      This place is not for Chowhounds. It is for the strange, distant cousins of Chowhounds: Health Freaks.

      In one sense, Health Freaks and Chowhounds are strikingly similar in that they both pay near-religious attention to what they eat.

      On the other hand, the end results are obviously quite different. Chowhounds want every meal to be the pinnacle of deliciousness, whereas Health Freaks are looking to micromanage their nutritional intake.

      Know Fat is great for Health Freaks because of good nutritional content, coupled with said posted nutritional info. While the food is by no means horrid (grilled steak tips, sweet potatoes, and broccoli sounds a lot better than a Big Mac to me), you could certainly do a lot better if you were going on taste alone.

      Is it possible to be both a Chowhound and a Health Freak? I think and hope so. I tend to be a Health Freak by day and a Chowhound by night. I've had plenty of days where I've hit Know Fat for lunch, then met folks for carby goodness in the North End or Chinatown for dinner.

      As far as the best of both worlds, I find B Good in Back Bay/Harvard Square to be a much better-tasting take on the Know Fat idea. Slightly less good for you, significantly tastier.

      1. re: finlero

        That's a great post -- and I agree, many of us try to balance being health freaks with being chowhounds. There are many posts on the General boards about how to do so. The key is <gasp> exercise and moderation. Whatever.

        Getting back to the food, I understand the air-fries at Knowfat are good -- sweet potato and regular. What's good at B Good?

        1. re: yumyum

          What's good at B Good...

          I really like their burgers (it would appear that MichaelB disagrees). The B.Good and the Adopted Luke are my favorites.

          Like Know Fat, the baked fries are very good when fresh, but get bad in a hurry, so don't order as take-out.

          I have not personally had the homemade veggie burgers, but have heard even non-health-freaks wax poetic about them.

          I genuinely love the veggie side: simple stir fried carrots, broccoli, and peppers with a bit of soy sauce.

        2. re: finlero

          Great post -- terrific explanation of the health freak genus and the appeal of these places. I've never tried Know Fat but if it's *less* appetizing than B.Good I'd be inclined not to. I tried B.Good when they opened in Harvard Square and had their very odd burger. It's made from extremely lean beef and while they do some voodoo to keep it from drying out, the taste is just ... odd. All the minerally, almost metallic flavors that are usually balanced with fat and char in a regular burger were way too dominant in this one. In all fairness, the salad I had another time was not terrible, and I've never tried the air-fries, which seem to be their biggest draw (aren't these just roasted potatoes?). But I haven't had any desire to go back.

      2. Ahhh yes. Now that NYC has passed the no Trans Fat law, I'm sure we'll be getting more and more of this type of restaurant. Just not sure if they remove the taste along with the bad for ingredients?

        1. I go to the Downtown Xing one on occasion since it is near my office (George Forman was there last week!). It's a bit pricey for what you get, and I don't walk away without guilt as the dishes are low-fat but not low-cal. Also I hate places that take your name and then call it out to pick up your order. I am from Boston and savor my anonymity. Give me a number please.

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          1. re: DotDiner

            Just give your name as "Peter Wolf" or something.

            1. re: DotDiner

              Come on, don't you remember anything from the late 80s/early 90s? You can't get fat if you don't eat fat!


              1. re: DotDiner

                I always give a funny name and Mr. Taxi just shakes his head. Think of a name that you wish you had and use that!!

              2. You are all correct. Completely flavorless blech.

                Hey kill the transfat, fine, no problem.

                But I'd like my donuts fried in good old fashioned lard, and how 'bout McDonalds going back to beef suet for doing the French Fries? Now you're talking.

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                1. I think KnowFat's air cooked fries are quite good when eaten fresh out of the oven (they do not travel too well) and the place is, in general, a much better lunch option than McDonalds.