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Kosher party

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We are having a dinner party in southern westchester for about 30 people. Can anyone recommend a reasonable kosher caterer?


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  1. Supersol or Eden wok chinese in New Rochelle come to mind

    1. I highly recommend Main Event Caterers. We used them last year for a party of 60 in New Rochelle. The food was excellent. Most of the guests were not kosher and they truly enjoyed the food.

      1. It depends what you want. If just want to get people fed, and don't mind very ordinary takeout Chinese, then sure, get Eden Wok. If you want to do something upscale, you probably want to go to a caterer such as Main Event or Prestige.

        1. Main Event, for sure.(IMHO)

          1. I agree that Mauzone has good quality catering. However, I found Main Events a lot easier to deal with in terms of arranging a party and Main Event's food was delicious.

            1. The two caterers that I always recommend here are Simply Divine and Manna. Both are wonderful, creative, very modern and work well for people who know and care about food.

              People here often recommend Main Event. I've never had their food but my husband was recently at an event they catered and thought the food was really good.

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                Thanks. Do you have contact info for Simply Divine and Manna?

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                  I can tell you from personal experience (and the experience of a good friend) that both were a pleasure to work with. Less salesmanship than many kosher caterers and much more food-loving, artistic creativity.

              2. I will echo the recommendations for Main Event. They catered a dinner party that I attended in Scarsdale for mostly non-kosher crowd and the food was enjoyed by all.

                1. Kosher Creations from the West SIde does a lot of work in southern Westchester, and he does all kinds of interesting contemporary menus. Definietly worth a call, I think they have a website to look at samples.