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Dec 5, 2006 04:46 PM

Namaskar menu suggestions?

A friend and I will be trying Namaskar Sunday night before we see Dar* at the Somerville Theater. I selected Namaskar after reading the threads posted here and some extraordinary reviews. So I'd like to hear must-orders from the menu, please, especially from anyone who has dined there recently. I had noted the gol gappe (looks intriguing) and the masala dosai. Other ideas? Spicy is fine. I'm a big fan of creamy, too :)

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  1. pretty typical menu ... everything is good there -- can't go wrong w/the dosas -- also I believe they have a thali (sp?) which is a combo meal with a little bit of everything

    my personal fav is the chana dal

    1. our fav things there (it has become the only indian restnt we go to; it's THAT good):

      uttapam (best i've had); lamb dosa; stuffed colocasia leaves ('patri' i think)- a VERY unusual dish hardly found in u.s.

      chicken tikka masala, lamb korma, okra, onion naan well done.

      leave out your normal pakora and samosas so you can try the more unusual and delic 'apps' above!! if you DO order the uttapam and dosa, they normally come w/ the lentil soup. this soup is the only thing i actually do NOT like here. so i request, and they give me, the tomato coconut soup- instead. it is delic.

      be forewarned that the mango lassi there, for some bizarre reason, has whipp crm and a cherry! so we alw make sure to order it w/o those !! their exc lassis are so heavy and sweet, we always add water to them and then they last the whole meal.... or almost !!

      1. I'd get the patra because it has such an unusual taste. I've seen it described as "taro leaves" before.

        Everything I've had there has been pretty good, but I haven't hit one killer dish.

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          taro= colocasia , fyi!amazing; i grow it in my gardens.

        2. I really like the goat curry -- it's hard to find a good Indian version of this dish in restaurants.

          1. I like the Gujarati (a western region of India) dishes there -- the Gujarati Thali is a good way to sample a range of them. Mainly vegetarian.