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Dec 5, 2006 04:28 PM

What to do with dry leftover chicken?

We have 2 whole chickens that are leftover from the holidays. Right now their just sitting in our freezer. Does anyone have any good recipes for using the chicken meat? We have a slow cooker too.

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  1. Shred and use with Mole? Or shred and some chicken sloppy joe? Or, dice and some chicken salad?

    1. When I roast a chicken I usually stick the carcass with whatever meat is left on it in the fridge and then when I'm ready take it out and stew it (no need to defrost) with whatever else I'd like to have in my chicken stew (chile verde, chicken stew with root vegetables, asian soups, italian soups, chicken noodle....ect.) You can just use the whole thing as a base for any chicken stew or soup recipe. I usually use water and a little salt in place of broth when I do this since the bones make the water into broth as it stews. You can pick the bones out after the carcass has come apart.

      1. Can always make a homemade pot pie.....yummmm

        1. Chicken ala king is awfully good and very easy to make.

          1. chicken salad is also a quick thing to make. The mayonnaise will provide some moisture for the chicken. If you like some comfort food, you can make jook, which is a chinese porridge. The slow cooking will make the chicken fall into pieces and may it yummy. Here's a jook recipe I posted for after Thanksgiving turkey bones, but you can substitute the turkey for your chicken: