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What to do with dry leftover chicken?

We have 2 whole chickens that are leftover from the holidays. Right now their just sitting in our freezer. Does anyone have any good recipes for using the chicken meat? We have a slow cooker too.

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  1. Shred and use with Mole? Or shred and some chicken sloppy joe? Or, dice and some chicken salad?

    1. When I roast a chicken I usually stick the carcass with whatever meat is left on it in the fridge and then when I'm ready take it out and stew it (no need to defrost) with whatever else I'd like to have in my chicken stew (chile verde, chicken stew with root vegetables, asian soups, italian soups, chicken noodle....ect.) You can just use the whole thing as a base for any chicken stew or soup recipe. I usually use water and a little salt in place of broth when I do this since the bones make the water into broth as it stews. You can pick the bones out after the carcass has come apart.

      1. Can always make a homemade pot pie.....yummmm

        1. Chicken ala king is awfully good and very easy to make.

          1. chicken salad is also a quick thing to make. The mayonnaise will provide some moisture for the chicken. If you like some comfort food, you can make jook, which is a chinese porridge. The slow cooking will make the chicken fall into pieces and may it yummy. Here's a jook recipe I posted for after Thanksgiving turkey bones, but you can substitute the turkey for your chicken: http://singleguychef.blogspot.com/200...

            1. Rachel Ray's, "Curry in a Hurry", curried chicken salad is quite good and very easy. Made with yogurt instead of mayo, mango chutney, and smoked almonds.

              Chicken Quesadillas with peppers, chihuahua cheese, and a splash of chipotle sauce.

                1. Chicken Enchiladas or chicken and dumplings

                  1. When you say, "dry", do you mean the meat is dried out? If so, I'd recommend either shredding or mincing the meat VERY WELL, lest the dryness be an issue. Either way, you're going to want to use something to add moisture to it, whether it's a sauce or broth or whatever. Remember that once meat has dried out, no amount of stewing can make it moister - muscle fibers don't get rehydrated, so you have to separate them as much as possible and then surround them with your moist medium.

                    1. Something we always look forward to after making a whole chicken is using it the next day Dice the chicken in small pieces. Let a frying pan heat, and add some oil. Fry a bit of garlic and ginger, and then add the chicken. Let it crisp, and then squeeze on generous amounts of ketchup, lemon juice and hot sauce if you like. Really delicious with eggs or on a sandwich. We call it ketchup chicken. Tastes much better than it sounds.

                      1. I appreciate that everyone else is trying to give you a direct way to use these birds, but when I see "dry chicken" I generally assume there is no hope. Personally, I don't have much patience with overcooked and dry meat. In my kitchen, such items can go one of two places. Either I dice it up and dole it out to the pets over the course of a week OR I use the carcasses to make stock with. Anything is better than getting a sore jaw trying to choke down chicken-cum-leather! And using these essentially whole birds with all of the meat will give you a fantastic flavor base in the stock.

                        1. Point taken about using dry leftover chicken for stock. But if you don't want to put two whole birds to that use, you might try adding some of the chicken to this recipe for spinach, mushroom, and artichoke casserole, which is very tasty and very moist, thanks to all the cheese. When I made it recently as a side dish, it occurred to me that it would work well as a main dish casserole with some chicken. Tweaking notes: it makes a huge batch, and I think it calls for more egg than necessary. I used two eggs for a half batch and would cut down further next time. Also added some herbs (sage is good).


                          1. Shred and add to chicken soup. Roast the bones for a good stock.

                              1. Even if you can not use the meat I would use the bones for stock.


                                1. Make biscuits and chicken gravy.