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Dec 5, 2006 04:22 PM

Where to find Oliebollen - Dutch doughnuts - for the New Year?

Hi! i am wondering if there's anyplace in the Boston area that makes traditional Oliebollen. Literally "oil balls," it's basically doughnuts sometimes incorporated with currants or apple pieces. Think of anyplace that might have it? A bakery, a Dutch grocery, anyplace. It's a tradition in the Netherlands to eat them on New Year's Eve. Thanks!

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  1. Oh man, and it's the season for them too! Last time I had these was in a market in Amsterdam so many years ago...alas, I have tried to find a place for Dutch treats, but the closest on this continent I've seen is in California. Shame too, because there's a place in Los Gatos that is run by a Dutchman, and serves up some mean traditional dishes!

    I'll look again, but I'll be eyeing this post as well! I miss them so...

    1. You might want to try the Danish Pastry House. Give them a call. They have many dutch treats as well. We took a dutch friend there and she found many items from home. There is one on Boston Ave in Medford and one in Watertown. Good luck.

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        I posted this on another question but try You can even contact them if they don't have it and theymay be able to get it for you.. I have had good luck with this site...