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Dec 5, 2006 04:11 PM

Best Pancakes MSP

I love pancakes, blueberry, plain, corn, mango, strawberry, lemon really any kind -- I love them all. I love them so much so that was wondering what other pancake gems might be in the area that I have yet to try. Here's my rundown of best cakes in the twin cities.

Best Plain cakes: Turtle Bread. They are thick, fluffy, and come super warm. And, they get bonus points for not putting the butter directly on the cakes before they arrive. I don't like butter on my cakes, but I always forget to ask for no butter.

Best Unique Cakes: Maria's. HUGE cakes! Maria's has 10 different flavors of cakes (Ripe Plantain, Raisin & Walnut, Blueberry, mango, banana, raspberry, pineapple, strawberry and Corn Pancakes) I have had the plantain, raisin and walnut, blueberry and the corn pancakes. The best of the ones that I have tried are the plantain. The corn cakes are not quite as good as at Victors, but still very good. It has been a while since I have had Maria's corn cakes, so it may be time for me to do a comparison of the two again.

Best Corn cakes: Victors 1959 Cafe
yummy. It sort of reminded me of cornbread but not mealy like corn bread. It had the nice corn-y sweetness without being over powering. perfect.

Best miscellaneous cakes: I'm not really sure how to categorize the lemon ricotta cakes at Hells Kitchen ( so they are my misc cakes. They are not really fruit cakes, but they are clearly not plain either. The lemon ricotta cakes are light with a hint of lemon zest which makes these cakes just bright. They are a perfect pick me up on a Saturday morning.
Who has the best blueberry cakes in the Twin Cities? I have yet to find blueberry cakes that are outstanding. Where would be a good place to try? Maria’s and Victors blueberry cakes are good, but not the best I have ever had. (that award would go to the Blueberry cakes at the Wynn in Las Vegas).

I also have a list of cake places that I really want to be good, but I am always disappointed too. For example, at the Town Talk Diner, the cakes are fine. But that's about all I can say about them. They are just that, fine. While they are better than Aunt Jamima mix, I make better cakes at home than at TTD. When I go out I want my cakes to be better than I can make (and I'm not so skilled in the kitchen either).

The other place that always disappoints me is at the Bandbox. I really want them to be good because it is a super cool space. However, I have found the cakes to be thin, and fried on the outside from all the grease on the griddle. yuck! I prefer my cakes soft on the outside. A little crunch is ok, but with these cakes they may as well just have dropped them in the deep-fat fryer. It would have been the same effect.

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  1. Best pancakes - Al's Kitchen. The best greasy spoon in town. However, don't plan on staying long, and don't expect to be comfortable, but it's insanely good.

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      I absolutely agree with Nathan. Love Al's pancakes, & i am picky about cakes. Since i am the daughter of a maple syrup maker, I can't stand fake maple syrup, so i like that at Al's I can spread lots of jelly from the pottery crocks onto my cake or just eat it with butter if i want to. I also used to love the pancakes at the Town Talk when it was just the 2 sisters who ran the place & before its rebirth as a self-conscious neo-diner :( i am usually working from 6 am on, so i usually miss breakfast out, but if i get a breakfast break i can sometimes get a plain cake at square peg, a diner off of east hennepin. it's decent diner fare, better than the Bandbox. I am afraid i have no other pancake intel

    2. You forgot to mention the pancakes at The Triple Rock. They're pretty good (but no Turtle Bread), and you can get one of my favorites, Pigs in Blankets. (Since they're vegetarian friendly, Be prepared to answer the question: Real pigs or fake pigs)

      P.S. Don't underestimate your homemade pancakes. Anyone who folds in whiped egg whites to add fluffiness is going a lot further than the 95% of pancake makers who use something out of a box.

      1. I'm not a huge pancake person but I remember the wild rice pancakes at Zumbro Cafe to be excellent.

        1. Here are my Fav 5

          1. Al's
          2. Bad Waitress (told they would have real maple syrup soon)
          3. Town Talk Diner
          4. Lucia's (when they have them)
          5. Jensen's Cafe (if one has to be in Burnsville for some reason)

          1. never had them at Lucia's. hmmm.

            also i would like to state that dh and i never order anything but breakfast food at square peg. lunch items have been uniformly mediocre denny's style crud but breakfast there is usually o.k.