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Dec 5, 2006 04:04 PM

Cafe' Chez Marie - WLA's Most Charming Restaurant? Has Anybody Been?

I did a search here and found nothing, and yet hundreds of thousands of people have probably driven by without noticing its existance! It's housed in a lovely French Normandy/English Country (English Channelish?) setting with lots of outdoor patio seating just west of Century City. Try their website and observe thier 6 photo spread (takes a brief time to load on Dial-up) before going further:

The Question - Has anyone been before?

Cafe' Chez Marie - (Breakfast & Lunch - only 2 items over $7.95
)10681 Santa Monica Blvd. (north side)
Between Manning & Westholme
West L.A.
(310) 475-2949

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I live very close and have never even noticed it. I'll check it out for sure. From the looks of their menu (hopefully current) this will be one to add to my "under $10 and edible in Century City" list.

    1. Had breakfast there a while ago - stale bagel, packaged cream cheese and indifferent coffee and anxious service (from the owner). Underwhelmed.