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Dec 5, 2006 03:49 PM

Making my own gefilte fish

Hi All,

Our cooking club is having a Jewish theme this month. One of the recipes is gefilte fish, which calls for pike, whitefish and carp. I think I can probably find carp in Chinatown, but have called around at Whole Foods and the Harvest Coop, trying to find the other two types of fish to no avail. Anyone able to help out?


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  1. Nearer to passover they are more likely to have the fixings.

    Otherwise you can just go fishing, and catch your own Gefilte.

    Wulf's Fish Market
    407 Harvard St, Brookline
    (617) 277-2506

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      Wulf's Fish Market is the place. Though they don't often carry lake white fish, pike and carp except during Passover and the Jewish High Holidays, they may order it for you. Or,they may have suggestions for other fish to subsitute. I have often put a bit of halibut in my homemade gefilte fish, and I have seen recipes for salmon gefilte fish.

    2. Try Captain Marden in Wellesley or the market at the Legal Seafood in Chestnut Hill- I would call to ask first.

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        Captain Marden's does not carry freshwater fish as the handling of it is apparently rather different than the handling of saltwater fish. My wife has asked them to order it for the same exact purpose - making her own gefilte fish. They made the same suggestions made here - Wulf's or substitutions. Good luck.

      2. Gefilte fish is traditionally made with carp, pike, etc. because it was cheap and available. I've made it with just about anything. This time of year I would go for halibut, cod, blackfish(tautog) or even stiped bass. It's also a good idea to mix different fish. Stay away from carp or anything in a "live" tank.

        1. My sister makes gefilte fish all the time out of season and the only place she has ever found the fish she needs is at the Super 88 live tanks. Wulf's looks at you like you have 6 heads if you tell them you want to make gefilte fish because you actually like it rather than out of religious obligation once a year :)

          Basically you want a bunch of mild white fish, so don't feel constrained by the fish listed. Carp is excellent and easily availible in the asian markets, as is cod or halibut (but can get a bit pricey). Do not get obsessed with making sure you have 3 types of fish, 2 is fine, just try to have more than 1 so you get that unidentifiable "blended fish" flavor. And don't be afraid to over season your broth....the only flavor it gets is from the broth, so the more veg & seasoning you add to the broth, the better!

          1. Thanks so much everyone!