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Uses for rose syrup

This weekend I bought a bottle of rose syrup. Honestly, I don't know what possessed me to get it--one of those "impulse buys" I guess. Or just curiousity.

What is it typically used for? And what else can I do with it? I was going to try mixing a bit with some whipped cream or cream cheese to use as a topping for scones.

Any other ideas?


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  1. Ice cream? See if you can find some crystallized rose petals to fold in.

    1. Have you tasted it? if it's well made, you could add it to pastries and desserts for a subtle rose flavoring: think short cookies, scones, cakes, cheesecake, custard, etc.

      You'd have to fiddle with the dry ingred's to compensate for the extra sweetness and moisture, but it might become your secret ingredient that lends a signature to the dish.

      Maybe also a meat glaze as a finisher on roasted meats--mild fowl or pork cuts, with a tiny bit of rice vinegar and fresh chopped thyme or dill?

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        I'm liking the idea of a meat glaze, maybe for poultry--a la "Like Water for Chocolate"! Thanks!

      2. How unusual. I've usually only seen rose water, which you can use to infuse into your cooking such as rose panna cotta or flan. The rose fragrance is very subtle so you want to use it for food that's not very hearty.

        Since this is a syrup, sounds like it might be better as a glaze for maybe a really light fish? Or you might just use it to drizzle over dessert, the same way you might drizzle really fine olive oil.

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          Rose-scented flan sounds good too. I've done a lavandar-infused flan before (seeped lavandar in the milk prior to mixing everything up), so perhaps that would be a good alternative. Thanks for the idea!

        2. My favorite use for rose water/syrup and orange blossom water is to flavor meringue. The water is typically very sweet, so reduce the sugar used by roughly the same amount by volume as you add the water. The sweeter your meringues the crispier they will be after initially being cooked and cooled; they will also be soft even when dry in the oven since sugar softens as it warms.

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            What a wonderful idea for meringues - thanks!

          2. You could also play around with concocting a cocktail with it.

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              Ooooo! This would be neat. I suppose it could be used to replace symple syrup. Maybe with vodka??

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                I did rose water/vodka cocktails for a middle eastern dinner with mixed reviews - some people loved them, other people, eh.

            2. I like to make a rosewater syrup and use it on rice pudding with dried apricots and pistachios as garnish.

                1. I soak cardamom-flavored pound cakes with rose syrup (use a toothpick to poke little holes in the top and spoon the syrup over the cake), but only if it is all-natural high quality stuff that really is just a rose infused simple syrup.

                  When I have the cheaper, pinky rose syrup that is easy to find in big bottles in middle eastern groceries for under $5--I use that one for cocktails. A great mix is Rose syrup, Hendricks gin and tonic. Rose syrup lemonade is also pretty good, although I love to eat flower flavors and some people have said the lemonade with rose tasted like soap. Yummy soap.

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                    Do you have a recipe for the cardamom pound cake that you'd care to share? Sounds delicious. TIA

                  2. My two favorite cocktail lounges offer drinks flavored with rose. I just did a google search for rose syrup cocktail and got lots of results.

                    1. I just use a regular poundcake recipe from epicurious and instead of putting lemon zest in, I add a teaspoon of ground cardamom.

                      1. It's used for an Indian dessert called gulab jamon made from fried milk solids with a sweet syrup flavored with cardamom and rose water, really yummy:


                        1. I have an Edible Flowers Food Fest every year in PIttsburgh and I use the Rose syrup mixed in lemonade, with club soda and the all time favorite, mix 1-2 tablespoons in with a half gallon of softened french vanilla ice cream, some chopped pistachios, a teas. of rose water and you have heaven. Refreeze ice cream until hard. Serve in small amounts because the syrup is very sweet and can be overpowering. Mixed with vodka would be good too.

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                            Rose lassi - the Indian yoghurt milk shake - actually a rose flavoured ice cream milk shake might be nice too. I have used cardamom syrup in milk shakes - spectacular!

                          2. i grew up on rose syrup! where i'm from we have a drink called bundong its essentially rose syrup, evaporated milk and normal milk. it's delicious cold, very smooth and refreshing. You can defrost your vanilla icecream and pour some rose syrup in, refreeze and have rose ice cream, thats brilliant too. i love it with a cocktail, instead of the kalua in white russians i put rose syrup. or some syrups with a bit with fresh snow or ice, we had that too when we were little. hope i helped! or! like i'm practising now, make some persian saffron and rose ice cream, its orgasmic!!

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                              In Sri Lanka (and the rest of the Indian subcontinent), your rose syrup & milk recipe also has vermicelli, psyllium, or tapioca pearls and is called faluda. Delicious!

                            2. To sweeten sliced Strawberries. Rose really works with Berries.

                              1. Add to a simple syrup and macerate berries, or melon with it. Top w/ a chiffonade of fresh mint.

                                1. almond sweets / French macarons / mix with milk and drink cold