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Dec 5, 2006 03:34 PM

West Columbia area

Are there any new reccs for the West Columbia- Lake Jackson area? I'll be there over Christmas for 4 days. Finding a place for Christmas dinner is going to be interesting I realize. I think Red Snapper is an old family favorite (it will be new to me), and we have a po-boy place we like in Galveston, and I'll look for the German place mentioned in the archives in Lake Jackson. Non-chains are what we like mostly if possible.

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  1. Betty,

    Did you see these two older threads?

    Cafe Annice in downtown Lake Jackson is mentioned in both of them. In my opinion, it’s the best restaurant in town. I can also vouch for On the River in Freeport, though I haven’t been there in a while.

    If you search for Brazoria County on the Texas board, you’ll find a couple more threads that may contain additional suggestions or different perspectives on the places listed above.

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. I'm not positive, but I think the German Restaurant in Lake Jackson closed, you could probably check online to see for sure. Last year for Christmas we ate at the Country Buffet for dinner, and I probably wouldnt recommend it. Good Luck in your search.

      1. There is also Windswept in Oyster Creek, near Surfside. Lot's of folks are crazy about it- it's just decent food to me with good service. You can order off menu or have a beter than average buffet.
        The old German place is shut down 'i think' but there is a newer one also in downtown Lake Jackson- I've heard no reviews.

        1. More votes here for Cafe Annice, Red Snapper and Windswept (the former is definitely the better but both are good). River Point in LJ, behind Lowe's on Abner Jackson Pkwy, is owned by the same folks as On the River in Freeport; I've eaten there more often. As I recall it has a more limited menu. El Toro in Clute at the intersection of Commerce, Main and Plantation is excellent Tex-Mex - same family since 1960. I don't know if Lupe's (Main @ 332 in Clute) ever got open - I haven't been down there in a couple of years now. Lupe was the long time mgr of El Toro and supposedly responsible for some of their best recipes. Just down Commerce from El Toro is Brian's BBQ - very good ribs, okay brisket and sausage. They have a satellite location in Freeport on E. Cherry on the east end of DT, open only for lunch. Smithhart's Downtown Grill in LJ is good for burgers; very limited hours.

          I remember seeing a thread about a Mexican place in Angleton a few months back when I was just lurking that is supposed to be good, also.

          There was an article recently, must've been in the Hou Chronicle, about a cafe in Brazoria run by a former big time chef from Houston who had a stroke but is back in business; supposed to be really good cafe food. I can't find the article; maybe some other chowhound will know more.

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            I believe you're referring to the Small Town Cafe? It’s located right on Highway 36 in Brazoria. The chef's name is Ed Baich, and he's supposedly back at work as of late November.


            I want to make clear that I've never been to the Small Town Cafe. I also never tried this chef's food when he was working in Houston. But I know some locals who are excited about having the STC on Brazoria County’s dining scene.

            Times have certainly changed there—and for the better. It's hard to believe that when the Red Lobster first opened in Lake Jackson, lines were out the door for months. . .

          2. Quite the story on the Small Town Cafe. Thanks for all the ideas. This is my first time to spend Christmas in a hotel, first Christmas dinner in a restaurant, first Christmas after losing my mom, first Christmas without a kitchen. It will be good, just different.