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Dec 5, 2006 03:19 PM

Mexican in Wilmington/South PA??

I've read about Mexico Lindo and El Jefe in other posts but they are a bit far away. I'm a HUGE fan of Tacqueria Moroleon in Kennett but it is WAY too far. Any recommendations for Mexican place close to North Wilmington/PA Line?

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  1. I will be interested to see what others think. I have not found a Mexican place to frequent. That said, when I want a taco, and that is all they serve, I go to Jalisco's on Rte. 141. No atmosphere, no selection but $1.25 tacos (beef, pork, tongue).

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        If you are heading south, it is on the left before you get to Kirkwood Hwy.

    1. I don't really consider either of these to be true Mexican, but if you're desperate, there's Moe's up by the Regal Brandywine Theatres that's acceptable. Saving grace for me is that they actually have marinated tofu. They're not as good as Chipotle, but we don't have one of those within striking distance; essentially it's the same concept -- place your order Subway-style.

      For sit-down, right across Naaman's is The Mexican Post. Again, not authentic. More tex-mex. But they have a really good bean soup served with a shot of sherry and some decent fajitas. I actually like this place quite a bit, but don't really think of it when I'm thinking 'hey I have a taste for Mexican'.

      Have tried a mexican place out in Hockessin some time ago that had great mushroom quesadillas... It was where Courtney's used to be... But the service was horrible and we never went back. Don't even know if it's still there...

      Just got back from Chicago for the holiday, and I think 3/4ths of the meals I ate were authentic mexican (gee I wonder why). Forget the turkey; I had taco coma...

      1. The Mexican place in Hockessin is Palacia Maya. It is far worse than Taco Bell (unless you get something with green onions) and is a relative of the La Tolteca chain.

        I am still a fan of the Border Cafe near Christiana Mall. It's cheap and good albeit not of the authenic variety. If you want that, there is a decent place on Lancaster Pike in Wilmington across the street from the Pathmark in the Feby's vicinity.

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          I've been to the place across from the Pathmark. It's good - authentic - the atmosphere was defintely lacking and everyone stared at us the whole time. STeak tacos (my particular favorite) were a bit fatty but my spouse liked the carnitas.

          I too like Border Cafe.

          Tacqueria Moroleon is a great, authentic BYOB in Kennett (Spring Garden shopping cetner across from the Gigante). Been going there for 10+ years but just moved to N. Wilm. and it is almost 45 mins.

          There is a place in Claymont that I've been thinking about - it has no windows so I've been a bit hesitant. If I get up the nerve, I will report back.

          Thanks for the recommendations.