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CT - Catering - Pig Roast or BBQ

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I'm looking to have a catered pig roast or BBQ for a rehearsal dinner for my wedding in Coventry, CT in June. Since I'm not from that area, I don't know the relative quality of any of the BBQ places - Could I get some recommendations? Would probably be around 30 people.

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  1. try petethebutcher.com
    He did my brother's wedding and it was fantastic.

      1. Little Mark's in Vernon does a good pig roast and has good BBQ (brisket, pulled pork, etc.).

        1. I second little mark's, check out their website for catering menu...


          1. Can I come? JK:)

            I met the owner of the big bad wolf BBQ company. he seemed like a knowledgable BBQ enthusiast. I have never eaten his food, but he might be worth an interview. A bbQ interview sounds like fun. I am sure you can try him at an event he is doing. You can contact him at BBWBBQ@msn.com

            My advice is you try little mark's and Cookhouse for dinner. BBQ quality is very subjective. Everyone is an expert, nobody can agree on great BBQ.

            Also, I peronally have been to at least eight pig roasts and have never been satisfied. it may be novel, but the pig has never much better than what you can do in a crock pot or grill at home. My recommendation would be to go for BBQ. Maybe a butt and some ribs or brisket. Ask the caterer their specialty. Get samples. Let us know what you decide on and how it works out.

            1. How about an update from the rehearsal dinner? How was the BBQ? I have been researching heritage breeds for a pig roast we are doing in August. We managed to find a heritage cross breed down by the Shore. Secchiaroli Piggery in Waterford. We will let you know how it turns out.