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Dec 5, 2006 02:48 PM

Live Fish?

Restaurants in Chinatown have those tanks of live fish, but is there anywhere I can choose a fish, have it cleaned and take it home to cook? I have a family recipe I want to try out that calls for live fish (my aunt says it just won't be the same if I use frozen, so here I am on the hunt).

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  1. Super 88 Market located at 795 Eastern Ave (Route 60) in Malden has live fish in tanks. You can pick out your fish and they will clean it for you. I haven't bought fish at Super 88 but have seen people buy their fish. I've seen tilapia, catfish and other kinds of live fish.

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    1. re: buffet king

      ugh. Taste of urea does not sound appetizing. I think I'll pass on Super 88, but quincy and malden are not convenient for me. Any places in Cambridge/Watertown?

    2. My favorite place is Kam Man Center in Quincy, followed by C Market in Chinatown.. I have not had great luck with the tanks at the Super 88, in Allston or South Bay. The fish often tastes muddy, or of urea, becasue they don't keep their tanks clean enough, IMHO. I bought a tilapia last night, and even with the Sichuan sauce i simmered it in, you could still smell the less than pleasant aroma.

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      1. re: galleygirl

        I second the non-recommendation for Super 88. The already dead fish there are just as good (meaning they're all okay, but not great).

      2. I've gotten really great live trout in Germany and even in the US. In Pittsburgh there's a place that has live trout and carp and striped bass, so they are availabe in the US - too bad no one in Boston has them.