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Dec 5, 2006 02:40 PM

Sardinia, south beach

tried to go to Quattro last night. 1 hour wait for table of 2 at 9:00. had drinks at the bar- only cheese or salumi plate served at bar, no other food. then didn't feel like waiting any longer. what do people think of the place, food, etc?

went next to Sardinia- place was packed at 9:45, but were seated immediately. loved how for appetizers they offered a list of different veggies (brussel sprouts with guanciale, beets with prosciutto, etc) cheeses, and meats and you mix and match what you want, as many as you want.

everything we ordered was good, plus great service and not very pricey. will definitely go back

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  1. Sounds good. What's the address?

    1. 1800+ purdy avenue, right next door to the purdy lounge and up the block from Joe Allens. Great place.

      1. Went to Sardinia Friday. The food was decent. An abundance of well prepared vegtables which can be ordered on the side or combined as an entre. A rustic bread was a highlight. Service was South are fortunate to be in the presence of the waiter...yet efficient. Tables are too close so the waiters read end protruded over our table while he served the next table over.

        1. Sorry, food is very good. Much better than decent which counts as not quite good in my book. Herald review is very accurate except for the reference to it being heavy food. I have no idea what the heck she is talking about there...

          1. I wish I would've gone when it first opened. Went for the first time on Friday and got there relatively early (7:30). Still had to wait 30 minutes for a table; however, everyone from the bartender to the host and hostess were extremely gracious and friendly.

            Our waiter was rushed because there was literally an onslaught beginning at 8:00. I felt bad for him because he looked like a pinball ball going from the bachelorette party, to a party of 10 older friends to our measly table of 2. Despite the onslaught our apps and mains came out timely. Sweetbreads cooked well but very underseasoned. Pastas were plenty heavy and although I know al dente is the preference, my orrechiette (sp) was a little chewier than I'd hoped. We were in a rush to catch a movie so we skipped dessert. All in all, for $50 ex. tip for 2 it's an extremely good deal for the beach. Only problems are that (i) the place is now extremely popular and can get overly and uncomfortable packed and (ii) a lot of the people packing the place are there because it's a place to be seen and don't really care about the food (I saw so many half eaten plates that it killed me that so much food was going to waste).

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              Gotta say I love the sweetbreads, they are my favorite app there (i think the pepper they provide is enough seasoning and when you combine it with the veggies it is great). I really like the orichette too (though i normally do not like bitter things).

              They make pretty mean vanilla and zabagione gelattos and I really like their nutella dessert.

              I go for late lunches to avoid the crowds btw...