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Dec 5, 2006 02:39 PM

Hunan Village

Hunan Village's owner Paul has left and so has the best Chinese food in Westchester. After going there for 20 years, I simply can't believe how poor the food has gotten. Has anyone else had the experience?

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  1. When did he leave because I remember eating there about a year and a half ago and it was very good. Last time I went, which was about 2 months ago, the food was not as impressive and the dessert was awful. It was fried banana or something along those lines and it was extremely sticky to the point it was non edible. Plus the waiter spilled a couple of things.

    1. About two or so months ago. They're in a spiral laying off their previous help because the business is declining. If you drive by now, you'll see a vinyl banner announcing "business lunch special...". Paul would have never allowed that. They're lucky that the Zagat rating grandfathered them in from last year.

      1. Wow. I think it's even longer than that, Foodie. I remember that Paul's 'Chinese New Year' was abbreviated in January, and I was curious as to the reason.

        I can't recall how I found out that Paul was no longer there, but I don't care to go back there without him. I also wish I knew the reason why he left.

        What a shame. Another 'Harrald's' in my gastronomic life.

        1. Sorry, but I always wondered how this place got it's good reputation. I found the food mediocre and the service downright nasty.

          1. Yeah, it's a bummer, but Paul started to slack off the past year or three anyway.