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Dec 5, 2006 02:18 PM

need a great dinner in Seattle

I will be in Seattle wednesday night on business. I am looking for a very good dinner but not too expensive. Could anyone please help?
thanks in advance

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  1. Kurt,
    1. Go to Seven Stars Pepper Szechuan Restaurant
    2. Order the Szechuan Dungenous Crab

    1. Kurt,
      Where are you coming from, where are you staying and what do you consider not too expensive?

      1. Try Tom Douglas' Palace Kitchen. The food is excellent and is more moderately priced than his other restaurants (Dahlia Lounge, Etta's). Plus, they serve food seven nights a week until 1:00am!

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        1. re: gastros

          I like to stay in the $20-$25 entree range

          1. re: kurt

            A second for Palace Kitchen and Lola.

          2. re: gastros

            Lola seems to be Tom's darling (Serious Pie notwithstanding) and it shows. I wasn't particularly impressed after my first visit ~2 years ago (coming from NYC where Snack and Snack Taverna were already doing great Greek better) but I gave it another whirl a few months ago and fell in love.

            I now recommend Lola over Dahlia or even the PK (which has always been in my top 3 in Seattle). Ambiance might be tough for a business dinner insofar as it's full of tight booths (a Greek diner reference, I guess) but there are a few tables - and unlike the Palace Kitchen, you can and should reserve one. (The PK only takes reservations for parties of 6 or more.)

            Lola or Palace Kitchen for sure.

            edit: if you're by yourself, though, there's no place better than the counter at Matt's in the Market.

          3. Lauren,
            I am coming from Chicago, staying wed. night then driving to portland on thurs. night. I will fly back to chicago from portland fri night.

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            1. re: kurt

              I would concur with others about Palace Kitchen. Marjorie is also a good choice.

            2. I love all of his restaurants - Palace Kitchen is great, as is Dahlia Lounge. Lola for Greek-style food and Etta's for breakfast if you're down by Pike Place market. Best thing is that the first 3 are all within a couple blocks of each other, so if one dosn't have any seats you can have them call one of the others ones and get a table.