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Dec 5, 2006 02:12 PM

Salerno in May

We are heading to Salerno in May for my partner's Brother's wedding. The wedding events are all taking place our first three days in Italy and then we are planning on travelling. Our only plans right now are to spend the last 3 days in Rome. We have considered taking the train to Florence and hitting Venice, because he has never been in Italy, but the alternative is to hang out on the amalfi coast until we decide to head to Rome.

Since we are spending at least 3 days in Salerno - does anyone have breakfast and lunch suggestions? (Dinner will be family events) For you Italy travel veterans, would you recommend hanging in the Amalfi coast (I have never spent any time there), or heading north so he can have his first Florence/Venice experience? My only visit to Italy was in College 12 years ago.

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  1. You don't say how long your total stay is, but I'd vvote for leaving Florence and Venice for another trip and immersing local: yes, the Amalfi Coast (search these boards for many posts) esp. Ravello; also, Naples itself; and a bit south of Salerno, past Paestum, the less touristed Cilento coast and Peninsula, home to a great national park and long open beaches. In Santa Maria di Castellabate, I'd recommend a great small and romantic hotel up in the hill town of Castellabate with great sea views and wondeful home cooked meals, Albergo Il Castello ( It's about 2 hours south of Salerno.
    In Salerno itself, here are 3 eating choices from Luciano Pignataro, the local wine/food expert: La Spagnola, via Porto 96; Portacatena 28, via Portacatena 28; Ristorante del Golfo, via Porto 51. Finally, I sttrongly recommend buyind Carla Capalbo's amazing and essential guidebook, The Food and Wine of Naples and Campania.
    Buon soggiorno!

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      Thanks Obob. We have 9 days in country - we arrive on May 4th, have family events (including our future sister in law's family who live there) on the evening of the 5th and all day on the 6th (wedding- dinner - party, etc...)and are free the 7th - 13th. We plan on spending May 9th - 13th in Rome, so I guess it does make sense to spend the two days in between on the Amalfi coast. I am sure we will do site seeing and chowing local to Salerno on the 4th to the 6th. Hopefully her local family we treat us to some secret locals only places that I can share with you after the trip.

      thanks for the book suggestion, I just ordered it from Amazon.

    2. It turns out that we are staying near a little town for the wedding called Sala Consilina. It is on in the mountains along the A3 with the Parco Nazionale del Cliento e vallo de Diano separating it from the coast. It is pretty out of the way. I guess we wills spend the first 3 days there, then head to the Amalfi coast.