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Dec 5, 2006 01:48 PM

Andy Huse in St Pete Times Dishing on Best Cuban Sandwich [moved from Florida board]

Well, I've enjoyed the culinary wisdom of Andy Huse's posts on this board many times, so I happily read the article in today's St Pete Times about his search for the perfect Cuban and his scholarly works on the history of Tampa gastronomy. A celeb is born! Way to go, Andy!

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  1. Most assuredly. Kudos to you, Andy!


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    1. Andy,

      One voice we can always count on. Thanks so much for sharing....off to Homosasa!!

      1. I love the part about pressing the Cuban properly, salami on top, and long enough to meld the flavors....aaahhh!

        You're making me hungry, Andy!

        1. Yup, now I have a reason to go swimmin' with those manatees. . . .