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Dec 5, 2006 01:13 PM

where shall we eat our christmas present?

My sister and I don't need or want 'things' for Christmas so have decided that we should take each other out for dinner (i.e. 1 meal halved). She has decided (nice one!) that I should decide where we should eat. I am torn, I quite like the idea of Ramsay, or le Gavroche, or the Waterside Inn. We don't object to going somewhere over night so Gidleigh Park is an option, but doesn't have as much spark as I thought it might when I first suggested the whole idea. Le Manoir is out as we've been there done that (not that it isn't fantastic).

So my question is this, where should we go? And why? (UK only)

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  1. Eat at Gavroche

    Stay at Hazlitts

    I cannot think of a better combination


    1. The Horn of Plenty restaurant and hotel near Tavistock is very nice - not too far, either, from Gidleigh Park. England is so full of good options now. Years ago, I had a wonderful meal and stay at Ettington Park near Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon. Hopefully, it's still a lovely place with good food. Let us know where you end up!

      1. I have never been, but have always wanted to try The Fat Duck in Bray?

        1. I used to live near Bray and highly recommend both the Fat Duck and Waterside Inn. If you prefer to stay in town, I recommend with equally high regards, le Gavrouche. Waterside and le Gavrouche are run by the sons of brothers Michel and Albert Roux. The cuisine is remarkable and service gracious.

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            La Gavrouche is lovely, but can be a little stuffy

            The Mirabelle is fantastic, I found the wine and service at the Mirabelle much better than La Gavrouche, and the atmosphere lighter

            1. re: choc_luver

              If you go to Mirabelle, the mashed potatoes are wonderful (possibly because they consist mainly of butter - but that's no bad thing once in a while).

              1. re: abpstigand

                Made my 2nd trip to Mirabelle last night, outstanding again, and I agree about the mash!

          2. Personally I don't rate Waterside Inn, all the others you suggest are wonderful, depending on what you're after. I agree that Le Gavroche can be a bit stuffy. Have you thought about one of the newer/fusion-type restaurants like Zuma or Rasoi Vineet Bhatia?

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              Zuma didn't excite me all that much when I was thinking - as for the other... Don't shout but, where? I've never heard of this place!