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Dec 5, 2006 12:04 PM

lunch ideas for older kids

I know there's a thread about lunches for younger kids but for older ones (mine are 8 and 10), cutting food into nice shapes doesn't quite make the cut (so to speak). I'm getting bored of the usual sandwiches and fruit. Any ideas out there? Preferably something than can be done the night before or something that takes a very quick prep in the morning since we all know how mornings can get crazy.


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  1. I've been making quick homemade burritos for my husband's lunches lately... Filling with canned black beans mixed with a little lime juice, cumin, and salt. Add some red bell peppers, salsa... Healthy since you get fiber and veggies... You could put just about anything in it.

    1. How about pasta salad made with smallish pasta or israeli couscous----mix with olive oil, chopped leftover veggies/meat and a little grated parm cheese? I guess once they get older they start to eat a little more like us so-called grownups.......?

      1. Wraps?
        Rice + Beans?

        My favorite is a lavosh flat bread, slathered in hummus with provolone and turkey slices. Roll it up and it's done.

        1. Cheese, crackers and ham or salami
          Pita bread Sandwich
          Soup or pasta in a thermos
          apples and peanut butter
          Veggies and dip
          I used to work in an ele. school and you would not believe how much kids throw away...parents pack them lunches like they are construction workers!

          1. I used to make a kind of potato strata to take on hiking trips. You can add all sorts of stuff the kids like and/or is healthy. They taste great room temp & should hold together well eough to be eaten by hand. If your kids like them, make a panfull and they can have the a few days worth.

            This recipe looks sort of like what I used to make (can't find mine) but you may need to tweak it.