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Dec 5, 2006 11:40 AM

Best way to keep open champagne?

Had a dinner with friends this weekend but ended up with two bottles of unfinished Dom Perignon. We gave it to our guests for take home but I'd love to know if it's possible to keep the partially full bottle for drinking a day or two later...thanks.

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  1. I have a stopper that I received as part of a set that is meant for champagne - it's a thin metal "cone" with a rubber ring in the middle. Have a bottle from Sunday night and it's still fizzy.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Sounds perfect! Do you have a brand name?

      1. re: fauchon

        Unfortunately I don't ... I googled, and found a variety of champagne stoppers, but none look like the one I have ... sorry.

    2. I have a similar one that was given to me from a wine shop. You can probably find them in stores that sell things to preserve wines (vacuum pumps, etc). A quick google search for "champagne stopper" showed them at Target as well. I use mine all the time, it works great.

      1. The answer to your question is that they do make Champagne stoppers.

        Personally, I have no use for them as there is no such thing as a bottle of Champagne opened in this house that is not consumed that night ;)

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          Yes, whiner, you are right. The stopper is for the second bottle!

        2. Champagne stoppers are widely available.....I have one that sounds a little different than Ruth's and I bought it on its own (not part of a set). It works great....the fizz stays for days and days.

          1. Stopper, schmopper. A regular wine cork will also do.

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              I've had regular corks pop out in the fridge.

              We have one something like this that works reliably: