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Dec 5, 2006 10:00 AM

A better MacDonald in Asia?

Before I get taken off this board and sent to international...I just wanted to share my thoughts about the "Fan"tastic beef, or chicken sandwich in Hong Kong's MacDonalds. "Fan" in Chinese means rice...therefore the name.

This is probably not that new...I saw it back in March of this year in Hong Kong, but didn't get a chance to try it. Now, 8 months later, I find myself back in Hong Kong, unplanned. It was meant to be!

For those who don't know, this is a sandwich that looks like a hamburger, except instead of bread, two pieces of flattened rice balls are used. The flattened and seasoned rice ball are about 3/8 inch thick. They used asian salade dressing with the fried chicken fillet in the middle (i hear the beef is also good, but they were out when I ordered)...

It's hard to describe the food, except that it was very good to my asian stomach. If this is MacDonald I will go back again. Something about the rice that made the meal a lot more satisfying. Perhaps they have not had a chance to skimp on the rice as they have on the bread.

A month ago, while in Suzhou, China I tried the Brazilian Hamburger at the local MacDonald. The sauce was a bit much, and it wasn't nearly as good of a variation as this rice burger is. Though, their mung bean pie, (a la apple pie) was really good. As was the Hong Kong MacDonald's banana pie.

For that matter, in China, the KFC is just as awful as the ones in the States...BUT, in China you can get pretty good version of the portugese egg tarts at the KFCs...Why can't we have that in the US?

So, now I will think twice before shaking my heads at people who go overseas and go to I know that there may be some interesting things to be had, and that it's not really the same as back in the States...

Anyone else want to share other foreign local colors for US fast food chains?

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  1. I never actually saw a Mc Donald's in Italy, but the website lists some very interesting and healthy foods - various salads including shrimp, and tomato and basil salads.

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      When I was in Rome, I saw gelato at McDonalds. And wine, if I remember correctly.

    2. Now I am drawing a blank as to whether it was McD's or BK but in Wales they has chicken Tikka on the menu and also lamb. I also remember finding veggie burgers in Wales at both WAY before they started them in the US...then again, mad cow probably had something to do with that....

      I would never be adverse to trying fast food in another country---I think of it as part of "tasting" the local flavor....

      1. In the Philippines, McDonald's serves McSpaghetti, catering to the sweet tooth of Filipinos. The spaghetti sauce is sweet and they add hotdog bits. I know they also serve Fried Chicken and rice. I was there for a vacation a month ago and noticed that they have huge billboards announcing their newest product-McRice Burger with chicken or beef supreme. yikes. And for breakfast they serve corned beef with rice.

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          Jollibee puts sugar in their burger meat to achieve ang lasang pilipino (filipino taste).

          1. re: Sam Fujisaka

            ...and to me, the American, the first time I tried it, I couldn't eat it!

        2. Not so much foreign, but I seem to remember that McD's served saimin (noodles) at the one near the hotel I stayed at in Honolulu in the late 80's. Is that still the case, or is my memory hazy?

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          1. Oh that Fanwich burger sounds oooooo good. My gf's parents live in HK. I gotta have them try it for me and give me the lowdown!