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Dec 5, 2006 08:34 AM

an AOC dining alone place where one can work while eating?

Coming back to LA for a week and need a place where I can eat while reading manuscripts (I know I shouldn't work while eating but what can you do). So: it should be well lit, not too noisy. I liked AOC when I lived in LA so a place like that would be great -- that is, where you can be alone and nibble over a glass or two of wine. Ideally, I'd like interesting cuisine of any sort with wine by the glass and a somewhat slow pace. (Cobras and matadors is in certain ways the opposite of what I need: it's crowded, dark, noisy, and fast.)

Ideal location would be from east of La Cienega toward downtown. Biggest preference would be 3rd or Beverly in the restaurant row area.

This is a return to LA so I'd be pleased to discover some new places.

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  1. The original comment has been removed