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Can anyone recommend an incredible restaurant for a Birthday dinner?

I'm looking for a fantastic restaurant to take my boyfriend out for his Birthday.

Ideally, I'd like it to be in the $200 price range, but I'm willing to go a bit higher.

I'm open to any cuisine, except Chinese, Japanese and Indian.

I'd like something with a "Wow!" factor. Sensational food, being most important.

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations.

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  1. I think gramercy tavern (back room) is always great for a special occassion, especially this time of year it is so beautifully and warmly decorated.

    1. I would like to know what all of you think as well. I am hosting a specical occasion the 12th and am trying to decide between Gramercy, Eleven Mad Park, and Gotham. Thinking Eleven Mad because I have not been there since new chef and getting good reviews.


      1. Eleven Mad. I've always liked it more than Gramercy Tavern, though I'll admit I haven't been to Gotham before...

        1. I'm a big fan of Aquavit for sensational food. Some speak of issues with Decor and Service, but I had an incredible dinner there about a year ago.

          Also, Craft served me an amazing dinner a few weeks back as well.

          1. Gotham is my favorite restaurant in NYC, and we went there a month or so ago
            for my Birthday. I want to select a different one for my boyfriend....so I will look into
            Gramercy and EMP.

            1. I just recommended this restaurant in another post, I think Blue Hill is one of New York's quieter yet still sensational restaurants. This is the perfect season for it too, because I think they do winter fare really beautifully. I had a delicious venison tenderloin there not long ago. The staff will make you feel warm and cozy and at home. Absolutely heavenly place.

              1. Del Posto, Babbo, Gramercy Tavern

                1. Gramercy Tavern is always safe bet if you can get a dinner reservation at the back room. I also like Aquavit and Wallse but, the latter is less formal and may not give the needed "wow" factor. Gotham's food just always seems to be short of delicious for me...though it is very popular still.

                  1. L'Impero. Don't know if it's really a wow, but definitely really good and a special place for a b-day.

                    Actually, the first time I went I think I was wowed.

                      1. I second Wallse. I found the service amazingly professional and attentive - sort of old world. And the food was superb, as well as the wine.

                        1. I used to live in NY and if I were visiting and wanted a spectacular meal, I'd be heading for Babbo. You cannot go wrong regardless of what you order - it is ALL amazing. The service in the formal part of the restaurant when I've eaten there has been a little uptight, but for a birthday dinner - that may be ok -- the cafe up front is where I really think it's at! Great food, fun, a little more laid back. Reservations for restaurant a must. Get in line for the cafe early. Well worth the wait! Or reserve WELL in advance. If you've never tried grappa allow the waiter to select one and go for it.