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Dec 5, 2006 06:19 AM

First timer hoping for some help...

Hello foodies... I've been to New Orleans a number of times but this is the first that I'll really be wanting (able) to dig in to the best food the town has to offer. I'm staying near the Quarter (Int'l House) but getting in late Fri night and leaving Sun around 6. I love Cajun but am open to whatever. Also, it's my birthday and I'm coming with my girlfriend so looking for something romantic. Hoping you guys can help me figure out my food plans (and any other tips, recommendations yall have would be great too!) Here's what I'm thinking so far:

Fri late - Coops if we're hungry?
Sat or Sun Jazz brunch at Commanders, Cafe Du Monde on the other day
Sat dinner - Leaning toward Galatoires - mostly looking for a classic NOLA experience that's romantic to boot
And I'd love to fit in Mother's for lunch either Sat or Sun.

Whaddya think? Thanks so much for your help...

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  1. Galatoires is not romantic in my opinion. Check out this link from another board for romantic restaurants -

    1. If you "love" cajun, then you need to go to K-Paul's, Cochon, and also try the Bon Ton for lunch.

      1. For romantic in/near the Quarter, consider Irene's. I haven't been there in a couple of years, but I remember it being quaint and good. A good "couples" place. I also like Stella for food and atmosphere.

        I second the endorsement of Cochon. In my opinion a very unique restaurant. The food, the location, the decor.

        1. Consider Broussards. It is very pretty and romantic. Fellow chowhounds have mixed opinions of the food, but I have always had a good meal there.

          1. Personally, (and I'm sure others think way different) I think Mothers' is yucky and quite frankly The CBD tourist trap. I have also seen things in their kitchen. For Po-boys etc try Domilisie's, Parasol's (roast beef is damn good, plus boudin balls) or perhaps Parkway Bakery as its cutesy and near the bayou. For "uptown creole" Upperline and Dante's are a couple favs of mine. For a grourmet snack with a nice glass of wine try Delachaise. Romantic... Bayona (Susan Spicer joint), Martinique (French-Tropical with a wonderful interior and patio, Ralphs on the Park (beautiful redone interior of an old mansion house, classic Brennan's-esque grub) or GW Fins (private-ish booths, excellent service and IMO some of the best seafood in the city. Hope you already booked the lunch at commanders, have run into some road blocks with the booking of lunches in the last few weeks...